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Discussion in 'Sports Photography' started by Mitchell, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. Won the US open today. I got to see her play when I went up to the open last week with my daughter. These are all with the D500 and the 180mm, f2.8. That old lens is still pretty good when I need a very light carry with some distance.


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  2. Very nice, specially the last one. Lens restrictions there?
  3. The only restriction there was the size of your bag. 16x16x20. No monopods allowed. I would not have been able to bring my 300mm, f2.8 inside and wouldn't have wanted to carry the thing around for the 10 hours we were there. I thought about the 300mm, f4 but decided to bring my d500 and the shorter 180mm instead. I'm glad I did. That combo is light, and the extra stop helped inside Ashe when I needed to crank up the ISO. Here's a shot of Venus at f2.8 and ISO 1250.

  4. Allan


    Apr 21, 2006
    Nashua, NH
    Well done. You did pick the correct lens, an old trusty one.
  5. Thanks, Allan. I've always liked that little 180mm. It's very small and light considering the focal length and aperture. Not a very fast focusing lens, but on a good body it works just fine.
  6. Excellent work, Mitch. And it looks like 180mm was quite enough.
  7. Based on your images I would say your lens choice was a good one. That was quite a win for Sloane.
  8. william hortis

    william hortis

    Nov 30, 2013
    Great set of shots and so clear, considering the girls recent problems this win was something special.
  9. Not the equipment choice, the photog squeezing the shutter release has plenty of game... :)
  10. Mitchell - Those are great shots of Stephens and Williams. Thanks for posting. After a breakout year in 2013, Stephens had very uneven results until she injured her foot and was out for 11 months only returning for Wimbledon and a first round defeat. Now after a good lead-up to the Open she has won it and is fulfilling her great potential. What a terrific accomplishment; let's hope she can keep it up in the future. Still, I was sorry that Venus Williams didn't make it to the finals and win her 8th major.
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  11. I was sorry to see keys run out of gas but was happy to see sloane win. It was fun to try and get some photos.
  12. Gene, thanks for the kind words!
    Here's one of my favorites

  13. Is that Martina Hingis? Let's hear it for the 30 somethings!
  14. Yes that's Hingis. She's a wonderful doubles player. Beautiful strokes and graceful as ever. I was fortunate to see some great tennis all in one day.
  15. My dad LOVED Martina H. Oh, as a side note, during one of Rafa's post match photo sessions, a lady with a smartphone outpositioned two Nikon photographers with hot shoe mounted speedlights. Only one of us would notice that.
  16. A great action set, I love how you captured the eyes also.

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