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SLR Sales figures Q2

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lurker, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. Lurker


    Jul 21, 2007
    Interesting thread on dpreview. The numbers published are:
    The amount of crystal ball gazing that is done on those numbers is simply amazing! :smile: Heck, at work we draw less conclusions to the market data we have in our industry, and we have an almost full view of the entire market! Also keep in mind that these are April-July numbers.

    Of course I'd like to join in with some observations as well :smile: assuming that the volumes are true. The profit margins? I highly doubt even the manufacturers know them... :tongue:

    1. Reverse from last year, when Canon was leading sales and Nikon was trailing.
    2. Last year, Canon was the top dog and we were all waiting for Nikons FX camera. However, D40 and D80 sales rocked and that's pretty much what defined those numbers back in 2007.
    3. The Nikon fanboys (not here, but over at DPR) were quick to point out that in the market it's not the number of cameras next to the sports fields that counts, but the number of units sold. I'm sure the fanboys are putting much more emphasis now on those sports field cameras. Personally I think that aggressive marketing in the consumer segment (Ashton Kutcher!) is far more important.
    4. This year, Canon introduced some new low-price models while Nikon was busy with the far more expensive D3 and D300 (No D700 yet in the measured timeframe) - especially for such a small time frame a much bigger factor on the sales compared to Nikon. With the 50D introduction I expect those numbers to be stable Q3 and because of the D90 a recovery -compared to Canon- of the Nikon sales in Q4. Those numbers might be a lot lower though, with the economy tanking.
    5. Sony seems to be well underway to establish itself as the #3 player in the market (which was their goal)
    6. With the prices that they're selling at and the high cost associated with starting up a production line, I'd say that Pentax and "the others" are in big trouble long term - they cannot sustain those low production numbers while cranking out new models every two year as the market currently demands.
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