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  1. Has anyone else looked at the lens reviews posted at

    I don't know how accurate their tests are, but they do present them in a very convenient form. If you click on their 3-D blur chart, it provides two sliders for aperture and zoom (for zoom lenses) that lets you see how the lens performs on the sharpness test throughout its range.

    There are also nice plots for CA, vignetting, and distortion. It provides an interesting way to compare lenses, as you can look open the 3-D blur charts on more than one lens simultaneously.
  2. I read their reviews all the time to help me decide on lens purchases and learn where the sweetspots on my lenses are likely to be.

    I also look at PhotoZone ( ) and other sites of course.
  3. I use them a fair amount, especially when I am looking at some primes that I was lusting after. It is very easy to navigate their site, but they don't have a ton of older lenses on there, but then again not everyone wants an AIS or AI'd lens I guess.
  4. Hokum


    Jun 20, 2006
    Pennines UK
    Check the user reports... i find them better as you can get a feel for sample variation.

    I have my own reports on there so feel free.
  5. Butchdog


    May 29, 2007
    This is a relatively new sight(within the past year or so) which may explain the lack of older lenses. It is, however, a nice site to look at just to add another perspective to the perpetual research some of us tend to do.
    We seem to like to read reports and tests until our heads spin and then ask nice folks like you to help make our decisions.
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