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SLRGear.com Review of the Nikon 18-105VR

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by Big Daddy, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. AdamC

    AdamC Guest

    Decisions, decisions

    That review has me re-considering getting the kit lens with my D90 instead of an 18-200 for a walkaround lens. I'm still mulling over options for the tele end (70-300VR, used 80-200 2.8, used MF prime).:confused: 
  2. Sorry I scrolled down but didn't see your thread. :frown:
  3. Very nice! Nikon is getting very good at creating killer DX kit lenses!
  4. I have the 70-300VR lens and it's a great inexpensive lens. Very sharp.
  5. nht800


    Aug 26, 2008
    Missouri, USA
    I don;t know if it's sharper or equal to 16-85 or not; however, I'm very happy with my 16-85.
  6. THe VR is simpler compared to the others. Only offers on/off, no active or normal settings. The active setting does a great job when used in a moving vehicle like a car or boat.
  7. pirahnah3


    Feb 22, 2008
    i had the oportunity to use a friends 16-85 VR and really liked it, i am def considering buying just the lense for this when its released!
  8. This is the data I have been waiting for, and this now looks like the lens I have been waiting for. It covers the right focal length range, is much sharper than the 18-200, has VR, and is somewhat smaller and lighter.

    Looks like the D90 kit is on my short list. :smile:
  9. This should come as no surprise...

    ...to those who followed this thread a week or so ago. It and the 18-135 are almost identical in design, and these two and the 16-85 are clearly superior in sharpness, particularly edge-to-edge, over previous kit lenses.

    The 18-200mm, while a nice lens with a wonderful walkaround range, is simply not as sharp overall.

    For an extra $300 in kit form, seems to me this lens is worth every penny and unless you are already set with a good walkaround, definitely worth going for.
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