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Small camera bag advice for two lenses?

Discussion in 'Other Cool Gear, Camera Bags, Camera Straps' started by jfriend, May 17, 2007.

  1. jfriend


    Nov 11, 2005
    SF Bay Area
    It appears you can just never have enough camera backpacks and bags. I have two different sized backpacks, but there are times when I want something smaller and more portable. I think I'm looking for either a shoulder bag or perhaps something that goes around my waist.

    Here's the problem I'm trying to solve. When I'm outdoors, I often walk/hike holding my D2X usually with the 17-55 attached. There are many of these occasions where I'd like to bring with me a few of my other lenses (70-200VR w/TC 1.4, 105 macro VR or Sigma 10-20). In these circumstances, I really don't need anything else with me other than just two additional lenses and I'm fine with hand carrying the camera itself with one lens attached. In this case, my camera backpacks are a complete overkill and I may already have to be carrying another backpack with water bottles and snacks in it (imagine a family hike).

    So ... I'm looking for some kind of bag that could either hang from a strap over my shoulder or around my waist that could hold two of the above lenses.

    Any suggestions? For reference, I already have two LowePro camera backpacks of different sizes (both of which are too large for this type of job).
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  2. Check out the pics of the crumpler 6 Million Dollar home and the Domke F3 in this thread.
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  3. jfriend


    Nov 11, 2005
    SF Bay Area
    Thanks. I've been wondering about a waist belt bag. Do you know of anyone who carries these bags so I could look at one in person?
  4. jfriend


    Nov 11, 2005
    SF Bay Area
    Thanks Fred. Both those bags look like good possibilities. I need to find some place local to look at them.
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  5. No problem; thanks should really go to Uncle Frank and Joshua for their images. Don't forget to check out cambags for even more images and bag reviews.

    A request for a bag suggestion is probably the most common request here. I just wish there was a way to create a database here with all our bag reviews or a sticky or something that has ALL our bag postings and reviews.
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  6. jfriend


    Nov 11, 2005
    SF Bay Area
    I hadn't seen cambags.com. That's a most useful site. Much more useful than most of the manufacturer's sites because it shows the bags with real cameras and lenses in them so you can get a much better sense for what would really fit. Thanks again for your help. I'm armed with a much better idea of what might work and now I need to find a couple retail stores that carry some of the bags that are a possibility so I can see them first-hand. I'm intrigued by the possibility of a waist belt bag, but I will need to load it up and see how it feels.
  7. If you are thinking of a waist bag consider the Kata W92 waist bag. There is a good review of one here.

    And here is a photo from that review.
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  8. Larty


    Apr 12, 2007

    What is your configuration for that setup on the Speed Freak?
    I just bought the Speed Freak.. tried it as the shop using a
    D2Xs and it is a TIGHT fit near the top when zipping it up.
    But yes, can fit.. do you have a clever configuration where
    it's not that tight up top at the zipper?

  9. I like the small tamrac bags, and they offer a number of accessories you can attach. I also like Kata backpacks for hiking, and often use a small tamrac bag for quick access, and have a water bottle attached to the small bag. I have accumulated many bags over the years, and this is my current most used combo.
  10. stephen99


    Nov 22, 2006
    Holland, Ohio
    The Tamrac Adventure 4 is a nice little messenger style bag that will hold a body and at least two other lenses. The only down side is the top flap is not padded.
  11. jfriend


    Nov 11, 2005
    SF Bay Area
    Bag search - round #2

    I went by a camera store today that had a wide selection of Tamrac, Lowepro and a few other brands. I probably looked at 40 different options. The good news is that I've figured out what I want. The bad news is that I haven't found anyone who makes it. Nothing in the store today could do what I want.

    What I want is a waist belt bag, as small as possible that can hold three lenses: 70-200VR, 105VR and Sigma 10-20. When using this bag, I will be carrying my D2Xs by hand/camera strap (not in the bag) and will have the 17-55 on it by default. If I put any of the other three lenses on instead of the 17-55, obviously I need to be able to also fit the 17-55 in the bag. So, I guess the design situation is really a bag that can hold: 70-200VR, 105VR and 17-55 with hoods.

    There are gigantic waist belt bags that can hold those three lenses. The only ones I could find were tall enough to hold the 70-200VR in the vertical position making the overall bag about 10x the volume I actually need and making them pretty unwieldy on a waist belt (like a suitcase with a waistbelt).

    What I think would work best would be to have the 70-200VR laying horizontal at the bottom of the waist belt bag (parallel to my belt), with a layer of padding above it so that I could put two lenses end-to-end on top of it. In this arrangement, the bag would be just as long as the 70-200VR and just as high as the 70-200 diameter + padding+ 17-55 diameter and just as deep from front to back as the 70-200 hood diameter. This would end up being a fairly small bag compared to anything I saw today that could hold these three.

    So far, I haven't found anyone that makes such a bag. All the bags appear to be designed to hold a body with lens and some other lenses and are not designed to hold two layers of horizontal lenses or to hold something as large as the 70-200 without making the overall bag huge.

    I need to study the various bag manufacturer's sites some more now that I have a clearer idea what I want. The challenge with all these manufacturer's sites is it's really, really hard to figure out what would actually fit in the bag from the web-site descriptions alone.
  12. I can't be sure but I think that is a 70-200 in the W92.
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    Those are from that review site I mentioned before.
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