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Jun 5, 2005
Denver, Pennsylvania, uSA
I am wondering if the Nikkor 24-120mm f/3.5-5.6G ED-IF AF-S VR lens is a better quality/sharper image than the D70 kit lens. Also, what about the Nikkor 28-105mm f/3.5-4.5D IF lens. I need a zoom with a little more reach than the 18-70 but I really like the quality that I get with the kit lens.

Thank in advance.
Jan 26, 2005
Viera Fl

Here are a couple of mine with 24-120 VR

Nice carry around lens.

Don't know if it is better or sharper than the one you have.

I pretty much HAVE to use VR VR VR

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Greg, I have both the 24-120VR and the 18-70 Kit Lenses. My eyes can't see a difference between them in the shots I have taken.

I prefer the 24-120 for two reasons. The most important one is that it is so much easier to get a clean shot with the 24-120VR (and shooting in low light is much easier too), due to the VR, and second, it has a greater focal range so it is more useful. If it were 18-120 I would like that more, because that extra bit of wide might come in handy sometime.

So, it's hands down the 24-120VR for me, in fact I'm selling my 18-70 Kit lens.

Taken with 24-120VR
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Taken with 18-70 Kit Lens

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Jan 26, 2005
San Jose, CA
gbenic said:
I am so confused with the numbers, though. The VR is f/3.5-5.6 while the 28-105mm is f/3.5-4.5. Does this mean anything to me?

It means the 28-105 has a slightly wider aperture at its long end than the 24-120VR does... f/4.5 vs f/5.6. That's not very imortant.

The important differences are:

The 24-120 incorporates 2 ED glass elements, which helps minimize lens distortion, and they have a positive impact on contrast color saturation. The 28-105 has none.

The 24-120 has a wider range, though it's not highly regarded at the wide end.

The 24-120 has an internal focusing motor, which means it focuses faster than the 28-105.

And then, there's VR, which is very useful for low light shots.
Feb 2, 2005
Real Name
The 24-120vr will outshine the kitlens at anything slower than 1/60th of a second or longer then 70mm. Kitlens can go wider. If you have the kitlens and are contemplating the baby vr lens, look at how many of your shots are at slow shutter speeds, at 70mm that you've cropped or wider than 24mm. Then you should be able to tell.

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