Smoke break at St. Mike's

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  1. Many of my street shots are taken in the vicinity of the St. Michael's Hospital, in downtown Toronto. A couple of years ago during the winter, while walking past St. Mike's, I noticed a patient braving the elements to have a ciggerette in the exterior Designated Smoking Area. We chatted for a few minutes, and he was kind enough to let me take this portrait.
    motorized Nikon FA
    Zoom Nikkor 35~70 3.5 AIS manual focus
    Fuji Sensia II
    exposure probably f4 or 5.6 @ whatever
  2. My tax dollars at work. Read an article in the Globe last week that over 40% of hospital admissions in Ontario are smoking related illnesses. I wonder if his was....
  3. What a character.

    At least smokers die younger, which probably means much less care over the course of their life.
  4. looks like my dad.
  5. Great street shot. Everything works perfectly, his parka, the machines, and especially the smoke sign at top. I love the humor in the shot. Great stuff.
  6. What's even funnier (as a medical geek) is that the 2nd liter bag is hanging low, as if for a gravity feed, yet it's on a pump. :tongue:

    That used to be a very common sight in Boston too. Now, they put smokers on "the patch" when they require admission. The people you typically see outside are all the staff members having a "breathing treatment." :wink:
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