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Discussion in 'Retouching and Post Processing' started by RayGuselli, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. RayGuselli


    Oct 18, 2005
    Haven't done one of these in a while.....

    And they do take a while

    Hope you like....

    My thanks again to the wonderful photography of Fred James...(by the way,,,,Fred...where are you!!!)

    Best wishes


  2. I can't imagine how much time one of these takes ...... very nicely done. I'm sure Fred would love it as well ........

  3. Ray, just fantastic. You did a great job with the skin tones. Well done.
  4. wilvoeka


    Jul 4, 2008
    Looks great, I think if you made and adjustment layer and made the face just slightly brighter it would make it pop just a bit more.
  5. Unbelievable! How long does it take?
  6. asaya

    asaya Subscribing Member

    Aug 7, 2006
    Syracuse, NY
    Tony Saya
    Ray very nice work for a beautiful lady she has to be happy with that
  7. Debbie H

    Debbie H

    Aug 23, 2007
    Just Beautiful Ray!! I can't imagine how long it takes to smudge the whole picture and do it to perfection.
  8. RayGuselli


    Oct 18, 2005
    Thanks all

    I will give it a try and lighten the face a little as suggested...

    Timescale...this took about 6 hours to do...

    Smudging this type of image can be very time consuming....

    Problem is you need to do some and come back etc.....

    However, they are very satisfying and great fun to do.

    Thanks for looking and the kind words...always encouraging.

    best wishes

  9. Beautiful smudge Ray, I'm sure it will be treasured, one comment the teeth are not white and the blown areas on the flowers, and ya I'm nit picking.

    I'd be pleased at doing half as well, 6 hours! hate to be paying for one!

  10. ktz_04


    Mar 17, 2008
    Chattanooga, TN
    WoW. very nice...
  11. Wileec

    Wileec Guest

    Uh, . . .

    . . . it's not for me. At all. The light is inconsistent due to over working the shot. Teeth are beacons of contrast - far too much so. Eyes aren't enough of a focus. Most significantly, where is the character of the person? I'll bet money this looks little like the real person. This is a cartoon of the person, not a nice portrait. Strong words - yes - but put it in context - it's just an opinion. No more.

    I worked in a high end photo studio. We were good - shot the governor, top local TV personalities, etc. It was not uncommon for other people to ask us to do digitally what would have required reconstructive surgery or serious diet plans. It's one thing to take a flattering portrait - it's another to produce an illustration of a person. I realize this is a bit of a continuum. I'm just giving voice to the side that hasn't been heard from so far in this thread. I'm not saying it's inappropriate to minimize some elements, but to eliminate them completely seems pretty extreme - but that's just my opinion.
  12. RayGuselli


    Oct 18, 2005
    I agree

    I have overdone the teeth compared to the original...

    Not sure I totally agree about the lighting as I was working from the original BUT...

    I see you worked in a high end studio with a lot of expertise etc....I would love you to do a smudge of this for me to see how you would approach it...

    I have always found this technique difficult.

    If I post the orignal....any chance of giving it a try...would be appreciated


  13. Very Harsh indeed

    The above post lacks constructive criticism, but rather a trashing of your work. I too would like to see them give there version, if perhaps they just don't like smudging then any comment is inappropriate. After all this is a CC not a pov to his liking this kind of work.
    It's a great job and I was as I say nit picking, his words harsh and inconsiderate.

  14. Wileec

    Wileec Guest

    Perhaps . . .

    . . . I should not have posted in this thread.

    If using smudge to remove character, change apparent lighting (making things flatter), etc., then I'm not for it. It seems an overuse of the tool. I should have respected the fact this thread was about smudge and kept my thoughts to myself. Clearly others are taken with this treatment.

    If this had been a project I had, I don't imagine using the smudge tool at all - but PS is a big box of tools. "Smudge" is apparently an approach to PP - I thought the thread was about the PS tool and that was the context for my comments. Clearly my ignorance got me into a mess that I don't understand.

    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 7, 2008
  15. RayGuselli


    Oct 18, 2005
    No problem

    Scott Deardorff is a master at this technique (which is not to everyone's taste) and I took his on line class.

    I appreciate your comments and willingly accept criticism...(I get lots!!!)

    It is the best way to learn and I agree with your comments re teeth and also advice from others....it is ALWAYS gratefully accepted.

    I guess it is a new concept (or at least to me) and one I am trying to learn....

    My thanks to Darell....always good to hear from you and I am very grateful for your support and clarification which I suspect has encouraged Wileec to have a look and see what this is all about...

    So, just to say...many thanks Darell...

    Kind regards to all

  16. Wileec

    Wileec Guest

    Yeah - like I said - I thought you were talking about use of the Smudge tool - I didn't realize there was a technique by that title.

    Given my confusion - and lack of knowledge of this approach - I'm the last one that should be posting comments on it.

    Good luck, as you seek to grow your image editing skills.

    Edit: I did some Googling and looked at images, including some before and after images that Scott Deardorff produced. The examples I saw of his were far less worked over. All the basic details of the images were there, but transient ones subtly minimized, which seems a wise and reasonable use of the smudge tool in portrait work. Without seeing what you started with, it's hard to really provide CC would be final thought. His smudge technique does tend to lean more toward illustration than portraiture, but that's just an opinion. And as in all things - beauty is in the goal and eye of the beholder.
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 7, 2008
  17. Your very welcome Ray!
    You inspire many here and as we should except no image PP or not is perfect. You created art and I for one have enjoyed your posts here, your a model member and IMO I found the post inapropriate.

    Wileec Nothing personel, and I do as Ray said look forward to your participation here at the Cafe. Since I did not welcome before I hope your stay is pleasant. I look forward to seing your work, since you are quite new I am disabled so the Images come slowly and I'm just learning PP.

    Cheers to all

  18. Wileec

    Wileec Guest

    WW - thanks.

    I'm new here and relatively new to using a DSLR (9 months), but I'm not new to photography and certainly not Photoshop. I provide PS and color management training for beginners to advanced. Personally, I aim for truer than life images, but not unrealistic. If you can tell I've tinkered with an image, then I have failed. It should be so true to life than any added enhancements, tweaks are not apparent.

    There are a ton of different ways to use photographs as the basis of "art" with PS as one's primary play space, but 99% pf the people that hire me are aiming for true/accurate to real life and not leaning toward the illustrative side of things.

    It may take me some time to get bearings in this forum, but it seems I need to tread a bit more carefully - to make sure I'm as respectful as possible.

  19. RayGuselli


    Oct 18, 2005
    I guess we each treat the Cafe differently

    I think you could be a great help to myself and others in achieveing that unprocessed look whilst actually getting the best out of an image.

    I have to confess that I do go the other way...I like images to appear worked on...In many cases I like an overly dramatic sky (for example) BUT...I really appreciate the skill that others display in geting the processing totally unintrusive.

    Peano is the absolute master at that (easier just to say he is a Photoshop master!!!) I suspect you will be totally amazed at his work!

    I look forward to seeing your contributions and will have no problem in calling for your help in the future!

    Best wishes

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