Sneaky Buffallo Head

Discussion in 'Birds' started by bfjr, Nov 18, 2005.

  1. bfjr

    bfjr Guest

    I witnessed this several times yesterday, and was lucky enough to capture it.
    Another one of those posts that make me smile and glad I was there :smile:

    The Sneak

    The Attack
  2. Very cool capture, it(they) tells it all.
  3. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005

    I see this kind of behavior from Mallards, and even from Canada geese, and you are right; it can be quite humorous. :smile:

    Nice captures. :wink:
  4. Nice series Ben. The buffleheads are fun to watch, but boy are they hard to get good shots of. You did great.
  5. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Great shots again.
    Yes fun to watch nature of birdies.
    Snoweys have got to be the best though.
  6. bfjr

    bfjr Guest

    Thanks Dave
    gonna go out this afternoon with Jeff and see if I can't do better on these guys. There beginning to rank up there with the Kingfisher in the evil category
    :rolleyes: :smile:
  7. bfjr

    bfjr Guest

    Hey Frank
    you are right
    I hope you have a productive weekend and get to shoot, look forward to seeing what you bring home!
  8. bfjr

    bfjr Guest

    Hi Jim
    yeah like I mentioned to Dave, I'm not 100% happy with these shots. There small, white and dark in color, won't allow a very close approach! I'm gonna keep after them, evil little birdies
    :biggrin: :rolleyes: :wink:
  9. bfjr

    bfjr Guest

    Hi Gale
    I totally agree
    but these little ones are only here till end of year, so I'm gonna work on em till I get some keepers.
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