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Snohomish Swans with Andreas

Discussion in 'Birds' started by Retief, Dec 3, 2005.

  1. This is the first of two posts I will make. Andreas met me this AM at the Hierman Reserve in Snohomish. Now, what you need to know is that according to our weather people here in Seattle, yesterday was the Arctic Blast of 2005, huge snow storm, cripple the city, lock your children away, darn near the end of the world. Well, as often happens, we got some snow, and it was raining/snowing a bit south of Seattle this morning, but here north of Seattle it was not too bad. When we got there it was pretty dim but we did finally get some light. Andreas will be posting some of his as well, Gordon, you should have been there :wink:

    Full Frame Fly-by - we got a few to come fairly close:

    Look, Ma, I'm wearing a necklace:

    Lousy Nikon, can you read my necklace?

    Can you read me now?

    How about now?

    Mayday, Mayday, somebody stole our left wings:Exclamati :Exclamati

    I stared at this last image for quite some time trying to figure out if the file was corrupted. I finally realized that the wings were up at such an angle that they were occluded by the bird. Very strange....

    Normally I would not shoot at 1/320, which just goes to show you how dim it was this AM.
  2. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    Nice set Bill. I have a question though. You EXIF data says that you shot these with the 500 4.5 + 1.4 TC. It also indicates that the aperture was f4.5. Does the cam just mis-report this along with the FL?
  3. This is the one downside of shooting with the Nikon TC-14E and the Sigma 500. While the exposures are all correct, for reasons unbeknownst to man nor beast, the EXIF is created as if no TC existed. I am not sure if this is a function of the lens or the TC, but obviously some bit of info is not being passed between the two. I really ought to try a couple with the Sigma TC just to see if that does, and to see if there is any discernable difference between the two.

    Thanks for the comment. One of the reasons I posted with the "necklace" is to show just how bad this lousy D2H is. Given that we are about 100 feet or more when the birds are close both Andreas and I thought it was pretty cool that we could read the tag on this bird :cool: 
  4. Nice love the soft muted colors I can feel the type of day you had very sharp and well composed....now to go comment about the owls.. you are killing me with those!
  5. Nice series Bill. Love the captions!

    When I shoot with the Nikon 500 f/4 and Nikon 1.4 TC, EXIF reports it as 700mm. When I shoot my Nikon 80-400 w/Kenko 1.4 TC, EXIF seems to ignore the TC. Interestingly enough, I can set the 80-400 aperture to it's widest setting with the TC installed. Not sure what is really happening there...
  6. Thanks, Mike. Andreas and I were not sure what we would get, but I was going to test my 5fps theory no matter what. We got enough brightness to also get some good shots. What is surprising to me regarding sharpness is how low my shutter speed was. Given the 700mm of 500+1.4TC, I usually try to shoot at least 1/800, but there was just no way this day, so I am very please at the result at 1/320th. The sequence is also a good example of why I like Auto ISO. Starts at 720 with the trees as background, to 250 with the sky behind.

    This time of year we have a lot more muted days than "blue-bird" sky days, and I have been surprised a couple of times by what comes on these muted ones.
  7. Thanks, Jim, much appreciated. The captions on the sequence come from the discussion that Andreas and I were having. Andreas commented that it would be pretty amazing if we could read the tag, and a great testament to Nikon and Sigma. We laugher, then I zoomed in on mine and danged if I couldn't read it! Andreas did the same and we laughed even louder. My, D2H and Sigma 500 with Nikon TC-14E and Andreas with D2X and Nikon 500.

    Yeah, I am not sure I understand what the whole deal is with how the bits and pieces get reported. I don't know if the lens delivers the data or if the TC does, or if both do, but as long as it all works, and is consistent, I don't really care at the end of the day.....
  8. Nice shots Bill. I feel sorry for the swan with the plastic around its neck. I hope it does not keep him from eating. Captions are cute.
  9. Thanks. If you look closely at the plastic piece, that is actually a tag. It is quite loose on the Swans neck, when I get back from England I am going to get in touch with the Trumpeter Swan organization and ask more about it. In fact, if I had a brain, I'd send them an email with a link to the pictures, gee, what a GREAT idea. There is a lot of research being done on these birds in our area, one of the primary ones has brought about a reduction in lead used for shotgun pellets.
  10. Just got home from my trip, Had a great time with Bill! He is the man for fining nice birding places in Washington State!

    Nice series Bill, I have a tremendous appreciation on how hard it is to get these shots, the Swans lift at dawn and there is not much choice but to push the noise/ISO limits, Bill uses Auto ISO and manual and I will learn how to do that as well...

    We where both amazed that we could so easily read the tag, a testament to that we sometimes nitpick over the finest detaisl in our shots, but that we are really getting a LOT of relevant detail in our shots anyway!
  11. bfjr

    bfjr Guest

    Wow Swans with Jewelry :Shocked:

    What's next makeup ?? :biggrin: :biggrin:

    Great sharp and interesting shots.
  12. Something tells me the Swan didn't plan on that, it must have been interesting to watch when it was caught and banded, those birds are BIG!!!!!

    Thanks, Ben, you ought to come up our way and give it a go. It is an easy day and a half drive :wink:
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