Snowy Egret

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  1. A few from the other evening as the sun was setting and the Egret was hunting for dinner.
    There was a Great Egret perched on a post nearby, once it saw the size of the crab it jumped off it's perch and was close to ten yards from the Snowy whispering in it's ear "that's too much crab for you, just drop it already", the Snowy would have none of it, as it devoured it's dinner like a champ.

    1. I see you
    2. More than meets the eye.
    3. There is NO escaping for this crab.
    Thanks for looking.
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  2. Nice shooting, now that's one good size crab.
  3. Thank you Louis, and yes it is, the snowy was fighting with it for a little while "the crab released some of it's limbs trying to escape, but it was a battle it would not win, the Snowy was persistent, and not about to let go of it's nice sized meal" before managing to stuff it down it's throat. The Great Egret nearby was not as impressed, as it did not leave it for him/her.
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  4. Great shots and timing!
  5. Thank you Dossy.
  6. I like #1. It's a great composition and you did a really nice job with the feather detail.
  7. Nice exposure and processing.
  8. Thank you Mitchell.

    Thank you Allan.
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