So, here I am, in a hotel just outside of Heathrow..

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Retief, Dec 5, 2005.

  1. I'll be here all week, not close enough to London for a "walk-in" for sure. Anybody here want to get together for beer between now and Friday night, first one's on me. I'd also like to do a few night shots in the area, but I am rather loathe to make a trek to the city by myself one evening after work.

    I am also looking for ideas for the weekend. Paul, the Monty Dog, has suggested Kew Gardens and wetland sort of place, have to find that link again. I'm not much into looking for the tourist bits, there are too many postcards with much better images than I'd get, but for "outdoors" kinds of things, as long as it doesn't rain. I have to be in Kenilworth Sunday night, so I am considering hiring a car Friday night or Saturday morning and making a drive out that way, or perhaps take the train to Birmingham and hire the car there.

    All suggestions, ideas, etc., welcome, although I probably can't afford most of them, which is why I am only offering the first beer, I've seen how you folks pack 'em away over here :wink: . As to how things have been so far, to mix a metaphor or two, well, Bob's yer uncle, Sure ya' Betcha!

    ps. Waitress at the restaurant last night told me that we Americans are the friendliest, most laid-back, easiest to get along with folks she meets, never complaining, always happy, unlike those from other places I won't mention. A lady with exquisitely good taste, IMNSHO :biggrin: You don't think she says that it everyone, do you, just changing the nationality bit? Nah, no way......:wink:
  2. Darn Bill....
    I'm surprised they let you
    I'd come have a beer with you if you were only a (little) closer....
    But considering I was just there... you are on your own.
    As for what to do.... just jump on the tube and head into London. It's really easy to move around on the tube and there is a station right in Heathrow.
    Just get a tube map and you are off....
    Have fun.
  3. Yup, I just snuck my way through the airport.

    So, you are suggesting pictures in the tube? Seems that might be boring, but then you have been trying to get me to look at things differently now, haven't you??????:rolleyes:

    I may just do that one evening if I have some time. Too bad our dates didn't cross, what a strange thing to have happen to meet a fellow North Americaner in England for the first time.......

    On a more serious note, if I were to do that, what do you think would be the minimum time I'd need? Doing this on the weekend might work, but given that I only have a few hours after work would it be worth the trip?

  4. The London Wetland Centre is excellent and so are Kew Gardens. I am afraid I cannot make it as I am in the extreme southwest of the country.

    Best wishes. Bob F.
  5. Bob, thanks, I'll bet it was the London Wetland Centre that Paul suggested as well. I'll check that out.

    To make my life simple, I am thinking about extending my hotel here through Saturday and taking the bus/tube/train/whatever into Kew/Wetlands on Saturday/Sunday with the intent of spending the early part of the day Sunday and then catching a train to Birmingham to pick up a car for the rest of the stay.

    One of these trips I need to plan on spending 3-4 days just to get around and meet a few more of you folks. I had the superb opportunity to do that summer past when I met Paul at Shelshly-Walsh, oh for that weather again....:smile:

    I have pretty much figured out that trying to get to the city for an evening after work is just too much darned trouble anyway.

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