Soap film no. 2

Discussion in 'Abstract' started by rbsinto, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. Taken about 14 years ago with a buddy who put together a whole rig to shoot thin soap films.
    The results are strangely beautiful abstract creations that in many ways mimic the clouds of Jupiter
    motorized Nikon F2AS
    micro-Nikkor 200 f4 AIS manual focus
    Ektachrome 100 ISO colour slide
    exposure information long forgotten
    Soap film-2.
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  2. Yep, Jupiter fits...

    Very cool, Robert...! :)
  3. That too is very accurate and apt. The lower half is particularly mesmerizing!
  4. Thanks Nick.
    Truly, getting good "compositions" is a matter of luck because they depend on the thickness of the soap film and the way it disperses the light passing through it.
    And because the film thins so quickly and then "pops", one has only two or there seconds to find an interesting area and shoot it before it disappears.
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