SoCal Nikonians--Anyone catch the sunset?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Skunkabilly, Apr 20, 2007.

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    Tonight's was the first decent sunset I've seen since moving back to Los Angeles. Unfortunately I was stuck in traffic and this was the best I could do shooting out the car window. I should be counting my blessings but I can't help but miss the Southwest, where glorious sunsets are commonplace.

    Anyone get a good shot tonight? :(
  2. I was actually in studio when the sun set... and when I went outside, it was still pouring rain, so no sunset for me! A coupla week's ago I got a good one, haven't uploaded the pictures yet, though.
  3. Way back in 1979 I lived in LA for 9 months and I was always disappointed by how short sunset was. One minute it's light the next it's dark.

    Up here sunsets last *ages*.

    Nice to see the LAX restaurant again. I ate there once while someone tried to deafen me with a harp. It was very close.

    I got taken there by the VP of the company and it turned out to be a bribe. What he wanted was the inside information on the US employees I was working with. Reckoned I would be more likely to snitch as I was going home soon. He wasted his money.