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  1. I have a LowPro Stealth Reporter AW100 that isn't all that stealthy I'm afraid. Looking at the TTP Retrospective either 20 0r 30 in Pinestone. Is there anything else out there that provides similar "stealthiness"? Thank you :smile:
  2. The only other brand that I think is as "stealthy" is Crumpler, but I've been displeased with the design of their bags.

    On the contrary, every TTP product I've owned has impressed me again and again with the design, features, and quality. They do things that no other bag company would even think of, like putting the small pockets on the inside flap of their front pockets, so that they're facing the photographer instead of away from him/her, and that's just an example. I can't recommend their products enough. Two years ago, I would have wholeheartedly recommended Domke, but the Retrospective line gives you the well-worn, casual look that's so nice about Domke's bags, but without the sacrifices and outdated design.
  3. Domke F-2 or F-6 ruggedwear. Wash it a few times and remove the Domke label and it looks like a soft regular joe bag. I have two and I love them!
  4. DaMavs


    Apr 15, 2009
    NE OH
    The Crumpler $X Million Dollar homes are worth a look depending on the size you want. I have a 6 and (I think a 7) which I really like. I was debating the 7 vs. the Think Tank Retrospective to fit a gripped D700 w/70-200 attached when I want to travel heavy and ended up going Crumpler simply because the Retro was back-ordered at the time.

    The TT holster I have is nice though - both make quality products worthy of consideration. The Crumplers come in "bolder" color options which may be good or bad depending on your wants...
  5. lexdiamonnyc


    Mar 23, 2009
    Crumpler messenger style bags are not stealthy or soft.........way too over padded for my taste, and the colors, yuck!!!........

    Domke's are great, like Joseph said........wash, remove labels, done!!!!!
    I own an F2 and F5XC, love them both!!!

    also own the TT Retro 20, it's an awesome bag!!! love everything about it, best of all it fits the 70-200 this bag!!! best messenger style bag on the market!!!.......imo..:biggrin:
  6. went with the TTP Retro 20 in black. Pinestone is very garish to me eye and would attract attention. Can't believe how much I could stuff in there -took my gear minus the 200-400 and second body to the shop to try the bag, and I just kept putting things in there. After all that I thought great, but it is going to be heavy. Well no, it's not. The bag is great to wear, the strap is very comfy. I can see why these bags get such a high rating from users.
  7. taat2d


    Sep 28, 2007
    So how much were you able to stuff into the bag exactly? I'm curious cuz I'm in the market for yet ANOTHER bag!!!
  8. mom2three


    Apr 7, 2008
    I'm always in the market for another bag! We have a closet the kids call "mom's purse closet".
  9. I have way too many bags too, but my TT Retrospective 20 is my favourite by some distance. It holds so much gear and yet somehow feels lighter and easier to carry than it should! I went for Pinestone as all my other bags are black and I wanted something different, and to me it looks discreet and doesn't scream that it has expensive photo gear on board. Great strap too.
  10. Pupator


    Jan 29, 2010
    Atlanta, GA
    I find my (black) Crumpler $7MH to be neither over-padded, nor hideous. It's my favorite shoulder bag.
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