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  1. :biggrin:Just got lightroom 2, NX 2, CS3, had PS 11, X2 Photoshop Elements 5, Really confused, weight in's !
    500 gb hd, 6 mb ddr a bad headache
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    Jun 26, 2007
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    Why did you get all of them? I've got to learn 1 someday.

  3. Wileec

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    Master one, then add another . . . Jack of all, master of none leaves a person with little depth and a small tool box.
  4. ...and it would, in my case, leave me extremely poor. Why buy all?

  5. timross


    Aug 16, 2008
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    IMHO, if you are in to photography (and I assume you are on this site), learn Lightroom 2 first. Once you get that down, learn Photoshop. I have been using Photoshop since it was version 4 (about 1998 maybe), and I still learn new things everytime I open it up. I found the learning curve for Lightroom was not as steep. I recommend books by Scott Kelby (he has PS, LR, and a couple digital photography books out). What is really nice is if you have a question, send Scott an e-mail, and he responds pretty quickly. Also, Adobe web site has TONS of stuff for beginners, intermediate, and advanced. Not sure what NX2 is. If you want some good sites for Photoshop stuff, let me know and I will post the links.

    As for system requirements, you have enough HD, but I would have NO LESS then 1GB of RAM. My laptop has 1GB of RAM, and if I am running PS, LR, Dreamweaver, and Flash, it is sluggish. On my desktop I have 2GB of RAM, and it runs great.