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Solitary wasp and friends...

Discussion in 'Macro, Flowers, Insects, and Greenery' started by kramp, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. My first decent Solitary Wasp, this is with the 200 f4 micro and cropped for composition, I was using smaller apertures to today, and made some changes to the top secret flash bracket so I can light up the backgrounds better. 1/500 f32


    Bug, some type of plant sucking insect very small. Reversed 28 with SB-800 on L bracket and diffuser modified to create ring flash type of lighting. 1/500 f11.


    Fly, this is with the 200 f4 micro also, not really a fly lens by its self, but if you get things just right it works okay, same flash setup as the wasp. 1/500 f29


    Critiques welcome.

  2. Martin,
    These are incredible presentations. this top secret thingy, you kinda got to fill me in on it.... NOW!
  3. PGB


    Jan 25, 2005
    Uh, these are way more than just incredible. I can't say how spectacular they are. I'm with Dave, I need to know what this bracket you are talking about is...

  4. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    Hey Martin, I completely concur with the opinions expressed above. Amazing images. Why don't you come down to Huntsville this weekend and put on a clinic. :) 

    BTW, I'm also very curious about this flash bracket thing you keep hinting about. 8)
  5. Okay, here is a picture if your enough of a camera nerd you won't mind being seen with this, I could have bought a rrs flash bracket but they have enough of my money for now so I just bent a ring from 1/8 x 1" aluminum flat bar and bent up some aluminum brackets that slide around it so I can have multiple flashes positioned were I want, and since it mounts to the rrs dovetail bracket it works fine with a tripod or hand held.

    The diffusers are important also, the one on the left is a Lumiquest Mini-softbox with a small patch of milkjug material added in the center to give an even softer light the one on the right is a sleeve from white carboard with milkjug material on the one side this allows me to crank up the power to light the background but the semitransparent side gives me fill flash for the shadows.

    The SB-800 with the cord is set to ttl and the SB-600 is on manual.
  6. Dave, Patrick and Frank, I am glad you liked the pictures and thank you very much for the nice comments.

    Frank; I don't think I can make it this weekend, but your all welcome to come up for a shoot anytime. :) 

  7. Great shots Martin. I was half way up to your stomping grounds a couple of weeks ago (Oregon) but had to get back home. Maybe I'll make it up your way again some day.
  8. Martin,

    Those shots are incredible, eerie, and so cool! Anyway, your innovation leads to miraculous pictures. Kudos to you! :wink:
  9. Martin, you don't stop to amaze me. Aside from the quality of the pics, your flash bracket is an indication of a creative mind.
  10. If I were a bug I'd have disappeared quick smart when I see such contraption approaching... :) 

    Obviously worked really well looking at the end results. Great stuff!

  11. nice...!!! Looks like another refinement on your already excellent technique....you need to put wheels on that thing and a remote control !!

    :lol: :lol:
  12. These are absolutely spectacular. Love the fly picture (if one can love a fly). OK, I can handle all the special bracket thingy's but how the heck does one go about getting a fly to sit still for a picture. Or for that matter, a wasp. I did lightly chill a spider once and got a fantastic image but have never had a fly sit still long enough for me to even swat him let alone take a picture.
  13. Thanks Pete, we will have to have a get together up here one of these years.

  14. Hi Crystall, glad you liked them.


  15. Thanks Harry, A big part of the fun of photography for me is tinkering and trying to make things to improve my pictures.

  16. Thanks Jonathan, it actually gives my something to hide behind so they don't see me sneaking up on them. :) 

  17. I have a remote control....oh you mean for the wheels, then I just have to add video camera and I won't even have to leave my chair... :lol:

    Thanks Mike.
  18. Chilling doesn't work very well because all you get is a bug that looks like it was in the fridge, a good way to attract flies is just spray down some greenery with water and they will come and get a drink, I was actually taking pictures of a dragonfly when I saw the fly so I just had to turn a bit and take the picture.

    The Solitary wasp was on the junipers at the front of my house, I watched it for a bit and saw that it would hunt for a bit then take a break and sun for a few seconds so I just hand to wait in position till it took its break.

    Remember when you first come into an area the insects will by jumpy but once your there for a bit they will get used to you, but you always have to move slow no quick hand movements.

    I take pictues of active wasps with the reversed 28 and get within two inches I am hidden behind the flash diffuser and camera as long as I move slow I will get a few chances.

    And if what your stalking happens to fly away don't move just look around there probaly another subjet right there that you haven't seen.

    I lot of insects if take the time to watch there behavior you will see how you can get the picture.

    Thanks Gordon.

  19. Thanks for the posting your rig. That is pretty wild and based on your pics -it works great. I would have never came up with such a setup but seeing what others have done is always nice to see.
  20. Thanks for the comment Mark, I have made a few flash rigs and this is the one I like best except for th weight, now I wish I had a couple of ttl lightweight flashes.

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