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Some baseball

Discussion in 'Sports Photography' started by mike mac, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. I shot a half of game of soccer in some real nice light (those pics will be next) and then had to drive a hour north by the time the first of the 4 baseball games started the sun was at a real bad angle to the field. While shooting the batter I was using 0 - -3 ev when shooting towards the infield/outfield anywhere from +3 to +1. So in one play I would shoot the batter and then while follwoign the ball adjust the ev on the fly. Made for some hard shooting and soem real bad shots on my part. Well enough excuses here area few shots all with the D2X and the 300 2.8 AFS II
    #1 Loved the looks this kid would make
  2. Hey Mike,

    Sweet shooting as always no matter what the conditions are. I love that first one. Looks like he was planning to kill that ball. :smile:
  3. No. 3 is my pick, were some of these shots made in between innings?
  4. eng45ine


    May 11, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    Nice series Mike, aside from your trademark "up close and personal" style of shooting....outstanding work bringing the faces out of the shadows.
  5. snownow


    Jul 13, 2006
    so cal
    Got to be kidding me, exposure spot on! very well done, great job with the shadows.
  6. Jeff Mims

    Jeff Mims

    May 25, 2005
    It's very hard for me to choose a favorite, they are all really good! This is the style of shooting I'd love to see, speaking as a parent.
  7. they look fine to me Mike
    i have never used a + EV so i wonder when you need to ?
    thx !
  8. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Wonderful work Mike

    4 is a fantastic catch..(no pun):>)))
  9. niknd501


    May 13, 2006
    Mike - Just another of a long line of great images from you. Your photos always "pop" out on
    my monitor . . .Great stuff !
  10. Brooks I have a routine set when shooting baseball, I shoot not only during the game but during in between innings also.
    I shoot standing next to the catcher getting shots of the pitcher and then shoot the infield from both the first and third base lines I then shoot the infield./catcher from right behind 2nd base.
    Sometimes some of the best pics can come from warm-ups.
  11. Thanks Frank it was a tough weekend of shooting
  12. Thanks so much I appreciate the kind words
  13. Thanks so much and that is the key shotign what will be purchased by the parents at least to the guy who runs the show!!!
  14. He always had a scowl on his face so funny to watch
  15. when shooting backlight subjects if you open up a stop you get good exposures on the face
  16. LOL thanks Gale
  17. Another awesome series of shots Mike! Been trying to copy the up close shots like yours. Parents on our team seem to be liking the tighter shots.

    Unreal shots as usual and thanks again for sharing your tips.
  18. Thanks for lookign Rod there are so many great images and posters on this forum it is one of the best on the net
  19. Excellent! I'm on this for the next game. Thanks again Mike :smile:
  20. rocksgirl

    rocksgirl Guest

    These are really awesome shots, I was going to ask a couple of dumb questions about how you got so close, but then I realized this is little league or so and their fields are much smaller than high school and college, duh.

    Also, your 2.8 makes me envious, mine is just f4, and I see the difference here in your pics.

    But are you on the field? I find different parks are hard to photography due to construction of the field, i.e. light post, the FENCE, where the dug outs are situated, etc.

    Last year I wanted on top of a dug out, it was the only decent place to get a pic, but they wouldn't let me do that so no pics.
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