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Some D2X Portraits for critques

Discussion in 'People' started by vincebeus, Jul 16, 2005.

  1. Here are some new D2X portraits for critiques or remarks or any
    other information:


    Some where taken with flash or even at night time! Oh and the dog photo hope you don't mind it put it by the rest of the portraits here!
  2. Here are two more photo's

    I did not got any reactions to my previous photo's so maybe these are good enough for a reaction?

    Two more candid photo's i recently made of some friends children.

  3. twig


    May 23, 2005
    I like the dog photo quite a lot. I am partial because I do a lot of animal photography, but I think it is the best of the bunch and worth printing for the owner.
  4. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl

    Not sure why some of the guys did not jump in here and help you out.

    First set of pics. I am no protrait photog for sure, would not even know where to begin to help. Can only comment on what I have seen, or what may seem striking to me.

    Tighter crop on first maybe. Check your WB on these, all. seems a tad off to me. Do you use PS or NC ??

    I think the poses are not portrait type, look like fun. And they are.

    Next to the last two look pretty good.
    last one looks a bit over posed with the hand. WB may be off.

    Dog shot. Clone off chain and crop down.

    First shot of second series is gorgeous.

    Second looks candid, perhaps flash fill. People in back distracting. Crop in maybe. That can all be fixed in PS. Good shot.

    In first series, Girl in dark by brick wall. I would crop right upove the blue bels. Or maybe change its color , or lob off the part kinda sticking out.
    Nice night shot

    Oregan state fellow looks good. Skin looks a bit red to me. (i have an old monitor).

    Hope that helps. Like I said I am no good at this stuff.

    Hope the portrait guys will hop in here.

    Keep practising. Get a couple books on posing.

    I have enough trouble getting a flyin bird :>)))))
  5. dbirdsong

    dbirdsong Guest

    I am not sure I would call most of the shots portraits but that is me.
    The first one here, I think I would either crop it or the next time get closer. Pretty young ladies, but to much stuff in the back ground.
    The second one here, just doesn't look right for some reason, the girl looks fine but the guy almost looks like he is about to mug her. Again, I think closer works better too.

    Your picture of the Pit Bull was pretty cool, but I would have zoomed in more or cropped it more.

  6. Thanks for your reply. And i printed the dog allready and the owners where very happy with it.
  7. Thanks for your reply. It are not really portraits it are more candid shots i have some portrait shots. About the wb i must look to that to get that better. I use Nikon Capture to process the raw files and then use paintshop pro to crop to resize and to save. Or if needed i do post processing.

    I really must spend more time with my white balance settings. And yes most photo's i need to composition them better with cropping. I really like to get a constructive comment to my photo's so i know where i can look at and i can hopefully take this information with me in a next shoot.

    Thanks alot!

  8. Your right about that it are not really portraits it are more candid looking photo's. Yes i agree with getting closer to get more nicer bokeh and maybe i must shoot this kind of photo's from other angle. And when i processed the photo i had also the feeling that the background was leading the eye a bit off the photosubject.

    The fun thing is they liked the photo so much so at least they are totally happy. With the second photo the same it was their favourite photo. And you are right about the strong grip of the hand that holds the arm of the woman.

    I got much to learn and i love to learn it. But sometimes it is needed to get some adivice from others because if you hear that the persons where you do the shot for like the photo's then will not say they are good enough. So i am happy that some off you out here on Nikoncafe take the time to give me a fair reply with constructive advice.

    Thanks alot and hope to show some more photo's in the near future and hope the photo's showed again that i used all of your advice to make nicer photo's.

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