Some from the local conservatory

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  1. As you may know all of our outdoor flowers are covered with snow here in Thunder I headed out to the local conservatory with the 70-200 vr and Canon 500 D combo...This is my first outing with this critiques are not only appreciated but solicitated...


    Something out of the movie "alien"


    Thirsty anyone?


    Thanks in advance for any comments and advice that you may have

    Bohdan Bob
  2. Cherokee


    Nov 27, 2005
    We do not have your snow problem in my area but I often go to the local conservatory anyway - the weather is always good there and that glass dome above you is like a giant diffuser that softens the light on your subjects. Ours has some informal greenhouses outback that are the same situation. Visiting is allowed and I am often the only one there - how great is that? No one kicking my tripod! Suggest you check to see if you have the same. One hint: if they have automatic sprinklers on a timer carry something to cover your equipment.
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