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Some help needed

Discussion in 'Nikon Capture and View NX' started by TomP, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. I have been working on this suggested path, with no success.

    go to the menu choose 'edit'. from the drop down choose 'fit photo'. enter the dimensions you'd like to use.

    next, choose 'adjust'. this time choose 'unsharp mask'. enter 35%, 3 radius and 2 threshold.

    next choose 'adjust' then 'color profile'. choose 'convert to profile' and choose sRGB as your profile.

    I worked this path.
    Edit/ fit photo/ resized to 800/600. hit apply, as no adjust button was visible. Clicked New STEP, select Adjustment open, clicked that/ FOCUS to UNSHARP MASK, entered values, No adjust button visible, clicked new step/ no color profile button there.

    I am hung up on the proper adjust button.
    I have been in the manual, it looks like this important action, would be straightforward and in plain sight.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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  2. rdle


    Apr 2, 2005
    So. California
    You aren't missing anything. . .

    Here is an example of an Adjust|Focus|Unsharp Mask drill down from the top menu bar.

    Subscribe to see EXIF info for this image (if available)
  3. that's right Tom, there are two ways to create new 'edit steps'. you can either choose 'new step' on the right of your screen or choose 'adjust' from above.

    ps...when you initially choose 'fit photo' don't use different dimensions as you did (800X600 pixels). this feature literally 'fits the photo' on it's longest side to the dimensions stated. if you choose 800X800 instead you would have both portraits and landscape shots resized to 800 on the long side and only 600 on the short side. it literally means 'fit photo'!
  4. ROGER and SCOTT Thanks.
    When no one answers your post, you can bet it is a stupid question.
    I simply was tired, wore out, I have been caring for my wife. As I followed the original advice, I got fixated on adjustment open button, and just never went back to the top
    Called Nikon Tech last night and spent 77 minutes with a fellow, that talked too fast. From him, there were several ways to resize, and his way started of with converting to SRGB, and then became way to laborious.

    TO sum up, a little late:smile: I did get it resized, but have not gotten satisfactory quality image yet. I am sure with more trial and error, i will get the proportions right.

    Thanks for your help and patience, I almost ordered CS3 last night :biggrin:
  5. no sweat Tom. don't be shy!
  6. rdle


    Apr 2, 2005
    So. California
    You're welcome. No such thing as a stupid question.:wink:

    To resize for the web I use FIT PHOTO with 800 pixels for horizontal and vertical size. The largest dimension is sized to 800 and the original ratio determines the smaller dimension. I batch the process to apply to pictures I post on the web or email.
  7. Not to hijack the thread, but Roger, when resizing for the web, do you also change the resolution to 96 or 72 dpi or just leave it as is and use fit photo. I am not sure whether to do both or just fit photo.
  8. rdle


    Apr 2, 2005
    So. California
    If you mean Size/Resolution | Output Size I believe that is for Printing Output. For resizing for the web or email I leave resolution alone and just use Fit Photo.
  9. Web Output

    My apologies for coming to the thread so late, but I think there might be some slightly unclear posts. To output for email and web display, I suggest the following:

    1) Edit >> Size/Resolution >> Change the resolution to 72
    2) Edit >> Fit Photo >> Change the width and length to whatever dimension you want (I use 900 for the width and 800 for the height.)
    3) Edit [or New Step >> Select Adjustment] >> Focus >> Unsharp Mask >> Change to the parameters you prefer (I use 10/5/0 but Jason Odell's parameters are good also.)

    The purpose of doing the above accomplishes the following:

    1) Makes the file smaller by reducing the resolution to 72
    2) Makes the image reasonably large though not making it so large that websites such as the Cafe and PBase will reduce it
    3) Adds the necessary sharpening that is required because of the relatively dramatic change in file size

    TIP: Regardless of the parameters that work for you, save the three adjustments as a preset called "Web Output" or whatever. In the future, you can load all three of them at once by Loading "Web Output." You can also use "Web Output" as a batch process on an unlimited number of images, allowing you to walk away from the computer and enjoy your dinner while the Capture NX processes the batch and saves the files as JPEGs at the compression level that you determine and in the folder that you specify.
  10. Very clarifying post, Mike. There is one additional variable, right? That is jpeg quality. Rather than the 1-12 scale in PSCS, the scale is from 0-100. What quality do you (and others) use?

    I have heard there is no appreciable difference between 80 and 100, but after shooting 14bit NEF and reducing to 72 (or 96) and making it smaller, I just can't bring myself to save at anything less than 100.

    any thoughts?
  11. Keith, I suggest using 70%.

    More important, save a typical file at five differenet compressions at increments of 10%. Evaluate all of them and use whatever works for you.
  12. rdle


    Apr 2, 2005
    So. California

    I've been working on some older NEF files from my D100. Their native resolution size is 3008x2000. If I use your method of changing the dpi number from 300 to 72 the resulting file dimension is 721x480. Now I have to use fit photo to up-rez the file to the desired dimension of 800x600. (Actually 800x532). In this case I believe just using FIT PHOTO on the original 3008x2000 file would yield the better result without the complication of up-rezing and then down-rezing the file. Also I haven't tried it but Jason says in his book that SIZE/RESOLUTION can't be batched if Portrait and Landscape files are to be done together. If I've misunderstood what you were saying then I apologize for that. Can you point me to some documentation that says SIZE/RESOLUTION will yield a smaller file than FIT PHOTO when using the same dimensions.

  13. Rdle,

    I don't think you misunderstood me. Even if you had, no apology would be needed.

    I thought the topic of adjusting the resolution before doing the resizing was thoroughly discussed a long time ago. I see from your post that it wasn't thorough at all. I'll explain so everything is perfectly clear.

    Theoretically, that makes sense to me. Though your comment is insightful, you are bringing to light more important stuff as you'll see below.

    No, I can't provide the documentation. That's for two reasons -- that I don't remember seeing it and, as I proved to myself, if it does exist it wouldn't be accurate.

    I don't remember that subject coming up, so I ran a test beginning with a NEF that was 1757 x 1533. Changing the resolution to 72 and applying Fit Photo using parameters of 900 and 800, the resulting size was 173 KB. Applying the same Fit Photo parameters without changing the resolution, the resulting size was also 173 KB.

    EDIT: I have now eliminated Fit Photo [EDIT: Change that to Size/Resolution] from both of my presets that change the file size. Thanks for bringing this stuff to my attention!

    Rant: I sure do wish Capture NX would display the file size as the JPEG compression value is changed (that's what Photo Shop does) rather than displaying it only after the file has been saved.

    That's because the Size/Resolution tool specifies the actual file dimensions whereas the Fit Photo tool fits the dimensions within the predetermined parameters. EDIT: If I'm right about that, it seems to me that the Size/Reduction tool couldn't be used unless the output file size is also the same on all files being batched.
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 30, 2008
  14. rdle


    Apr 2, 2005
    So. California
    I've found that using FIT PHOTO with 800x800 works 99% of the time for my photos that I upload to the WEB or email.

    I use SIZE/RESOLUTION when I send files to Costco for prints. I use it with the DON'T RESAMPLE box CHECKED so the physical size is not changed just the final printed size.

    The beauty of Capture NX2 is there is usually more than one way to accomplish what the user desires. It's nice to have this forum to learn and explore the workings of CaptureNX2.

    Thanks for your insight.
  15. I mistyped when I wrote that I had eliminated Fit Photo from my presets. It's actually Size/Resolution that I eliminated, for the reasons you pointed out to me.

    That's the mantra that most software developers would tout. Personally, I think it's confusing. I would much rather that they provide only the one method of my own personal choice. :biggrin:
  16. I suppose that in the spirit of full disclosure I should mention that I rarely use Capture NX2 any more to convert my NEFs to JPEGs. I almost always use IDimager, my DAM product, which converts the high-resolution preview JPEGs that are part of the NEFs. Because it converts the preview, the batch processing occurs about ten times as fast as Capture NX's batch conversion of the RAW file itself.
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