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Some more August Hockey

Discussion in 'Sports Photography' started by GeoffBolte, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. Mentioned I'd post a few more shots from my hockey weekend in my last post. Some nonchecking shots. Well here they are. Any comments and critiques always welcome.

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  2. Very nice set!

    Can you share your lighting setup?

  3. Depending on the rink(there are 5) at the facility I was at there are 4-8 White Lightning 1600s, the 8 strobe set up are diffused. All bounced off of a silver lined ceiling. All set up on the shooters side of the rink, therefors no lights coming at you when shooting.
  4. YIKES!!!

    4-8 ? Are they there permanently? Are they yours?


  5. I wish, a company I freelance for has exclusivity with this complex. Therefore they are allowed to have them fixed and mounted to the ceiling joists or on the wall posts. All plugged into the electric and PW'd. Figure they have 28 total WL's since there are 5 sheets at the complex.
  6. kiwi


    Jan 1, 2008
    Auckland, NZ
    Excuse the stupid question as all this is quite interesting, how do you trigger the strobes ?
  7. Darren nothing is a stupid question. Triggered by Pocketwizards. 1 on camera, 1 or a few with the strobes some are daisy chained by cord to trigger them all at the same time some just use the slave sensor. All depends on how the strobes are set up.
  8. tjk60


    Dec 4, 2007
    troy, mi
    Geoff, now that I'm on my home machine... These are sweet! I really wish I could get a chance to shoot hockey with you, and the WL! (and the D300, but that one might happen by hockey season!)...

    i hate to pick any one out (I'm partial to goalie shots...) but I really like 4&5, they are great captures....

    How are your sales during summer hockey?
  9. taat2d


    Sep 28, 2007
    Geoff being a hockey FANATIC I think these shots are AWESOME!!!!!! The last one with the shooter blurred looking over his shoulder at the goalie in focus is F'ING INCREDIBLE!!!!!
  10. Tim, sales don't matter to me as it isn't my company. Well it does matter cause it would be nice for them to make money, although I know they do with the tshirt sales as they do that too. From what I could tell in the 2 days I was there in which there were no sales on Friday there were probably only a few on saturday, but I couldn't tell as Iwas non stop shooting from 7am-7pm. Friday I was the setup crew and booth boy, so I basically hung out and manned the fort.

    Just wish the flash duration was a little bit better as to get a little more stopping power.

    Tim, just get your kids on a travel team that comes over this way for a tourny. We do get teams from MI every once in a while. Just make sure you let me know so I can make sure I get there and get you a chance to shoot with it.

    Thanks Joe, i enjoy when I am shooting hockey especially when working with strobes. I have started to look into investing in some for myself as it will allow me to go and do things on my own.
  11. Since i do alot of ice hockey and onsite printing etc, it is really interesting. I've stopped manning the booths on Fridays since we don't sell anything and opening mid morning on Saturdays. We still shoot all the games, I just don't have the extra person sitting around doing nothing, I'd rather invest in another shooter.


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