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Discussion in 'Film Forum' started by John C, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. ...and how - this is a roll of Ferrania FG 200, shot in a Nikon EM and 28mm f/2.8 Series E - the saturation of the film is absolutely bananas;

    Village Life


    ...and some cheating, sorry Ned :)
  2. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    Wow - those colors are wild! Or does England really look like that. The red in that round building is astounding, and I don't even know what the color of those tree nets is, but I like it!

    The last one looks a bit drab by comparison.
  3. when i first looked at these yesterday, i associated to the orwellian future that i read about that we now live in. the last shot, though "drab by comparison" is the one that grabs, a distant figure furtively crossing a street while the ever present surveillance cameras and monitors have front and center prominence...the monitor, its shadow, the wall, the background, all fit to lead me to read into the image what i want to see from my biased viewpoint. ++good
  4. Thanks Chris - this Ferrania film has an astonishing level of saturation. The building in the background is the Green Building, which is a bit of a local celebrity.

    Interesting commentary Rodney, thanks.

    It's interesting that you saw this in the last shot, in the light of what's happening in the first two. The first shows an area of wasteland and industrial buildings slowly being turned into classy apartments and retail - over in the right hand corner is part of a billboard proclaiming this to be "Village Life" in the heart of the city.

    In the second, the trees are wrapped in netting, and look pretty festive - unfortunately, that's a prelude to their felling this week, to make way for an office building on the site they occupy the perimeter of.

    Your Orwell reference is interesting to me because of the way his future dystopias warped the reality that the people saw away from that that existed.
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