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Some more Darners in flight

Discussion in 'Macro, Flowers, Insects, and Greenery' started by fuss, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. I think these are Canada Darner but could be wrong, but they are some sort of mosaic. D200, 70-300vr.

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  2. guc32


    Feb 23, 2008
    Santa Clara
    Wow good job. How did you get them. Amazing.
  3. Crave

    Crave Guest

    This are some hard shoots to do!
    Next time try to increase the shutter speed!
    My favourites are the second and third!
  4. bpfotog

    bpfotog Guest

    Did you use fill-flash on any of these beautiful dragonflies in flight photos?
  5. Great! I've yet to come close with the same setup. Can I ask what your settings are as far as focus? Also I have wondered if it may work better locking them at 70 then zooming to 300 while following?
  6. Nice work! They sure can try one's patience. I see you are shooting with the fav lens from my meagre collection.
  7. Very cool Brian! What was your keeper rate?
  8. I did use fill on the first two shots because they were backlit by the sun. I moved to the opposite side of the marsh for the last two so they were frontlit and did not need it.

  9. Hi Glenn, I used manual focus for these. I missed a lot of shots. Manual focus at 300m is tough, fortunately these Darners were very curious of me and would fly in a predictable pattern including stopping for a few seconds hovering near me, that's when I tried to get them in focus and fire away.

    Auto focus gets too confused by the background, and I tried the lock at 70 then zoom out to 300 method, but by the time I zoomed out they were gone.

    If you can find a location were these Darners patrol and sit near that spot, they should become curious of you and stop for a second or two to check you out, try and predict where they stop to hover and pre focus as best as you can, then you just have to twist the focus ring a little bit(if need be) to get a decent shot. It will take some practice but it's fun trying.

  10. My keeper rate gets better each time I try to shoot these Mosaic Darners. Right now I would say 1 in 10 shots is ok, I just need more practice.
    They are very territorial creatures and patrol their area constantly. They come closer to me with each pass and stop and hover a couple of seconds, that's when I try to get the shot. I use manual focus for this and have been getting better at using the focus ring each time. I just wish I could get out there more.

  11. Thx Alvin, I like the 70-300vr a lot. But I am considering going to the 300mm f/4 prime for this type of shooting next year.
  12. Hey Brian, I've tried auto against the sky and have poor results also. Personally I am not sure that my combo can lock on fast enough unless they would be hovering. I think like you say , laying in wait, may be the best route. I think that may be how Jukka and Torbin are snagging them too.
  13. Great DIFs, Brian!

    I like the 3rd the best!
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