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Some more of my first wedding shots.

Discussion in 'People' started by Richard Peters, Jul 12, 2007.

  1. Although not as the main photographer. I was just backup for my friends wedding (actually my ex, see, sometimes you can be friends after haha) but having said that the pro was giving me some evils as I was using pro gear and they were not. I'd have thought a constant f2.8 lens was the minimum requirement of any pro wedding photographer, especially seeing as the weather can be hit and miss and you need to do indoor stuff!

    Anyway, here are a few of my favs. I used the 70-200 VR with my D2x for most shots on the day, partly because I wanted to get candid shots that looked natural and partly because it was so wet both me, the camera and the 70-200 got soaked and I didn't want to risk a lens change!!

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    For this shot I went up some steps to a slightly raised bit of floor as I had this shot in mind right from the start. I really wanted her to be sharp whilst everyone else around was either out of focus or blurred from moving during the fairly slow shutter speed. VR and fast glass to the rescue, no flash here just 1/15 second and 125mm at f2.8! Might have another go and the b&w conversion as I'm not overly sure I've done it right. B&W conversions are something I don't do much of so need more practice!

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    This was with the 12-24, I wanted to show off the lovely conservatory style building we were eating in:

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    Fun shot, I just liked this because you have the brides face in the viewfinder of the camera on the right. Looks quite cool at high res!

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    And this was my fav shot of the day - posted separately elsewhere but thought I'd include it again as I have processed it slightly differently now. This is her horse she hasn't seen in years due to one reason or another. She was there when it was born and it travelled from Luxembourg to the UK with her when she moved here years and years ago so its always been part of her life. So not only was the wedding a special day but seeing her horse for the first time in years made it even more so. I really wanted to capture the love and happiness she had when she saw it. The official photographer was right in her face flashing away so I stood back behind the crowd and tried to pick off shots between the gaps of people. You just can't beat fast glass as I was able to drop down to f2.8 to separate them from the background but also use natural light so I have managed to capture detail in the black horse and white dress fairly well!

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    So there you go, a few grabs from my first wedding shots ever. There are loads I could have done better looking back over them now but I'm happy enough as I got a few nice shots that I am sure both bride and groom will love!

    It was good fun and a learning curve as i don't tend to do people photos much but this has inspired me to try them more often!

    P.S. One of these photos had some photoshopping done to remove a) an OOF official photographer and b) an OOF man with a blue umbrella (it was raining all afternoon!). The clever amongst you will be able to work out where the work was done now I've said something but to make it harder I'm not saying which photo. Although it wasn't too hard a fix so even on the full res version the work isn't too noticeable, nobody would know unless I told them I don't think!
  2. Richard, you did a fantastic job on this wedding, judging from these photos. That last shot is wonderful, considering the story behind the bride and the horse.
  3. Zee71


    Apr 1, 2007
    Queens, NY
    The last shot is outstanding!
  4. The shot with the horse will be her favorite.
  5. Haibane


    Aug 14, 2006
    Smyrna, Georgia
    Hmm someone liked the bride a bit much
  6. It's her big day... why not...:wink:
  7. Very nice and the last one is smashing.
  8. Nuteshack

    Nuteshack Guest

    wow, that last shot with the horse is really something very special..wonderful story and fantastic capture ...way to go..liked them all ...;-))
  9. lol, the thing is, I've known the bride for 7 years and I've only met the groom twice as he lives in America (which is where she has moved to know they are married) so it was kinda natural I'd end up taking loads more of her. But it IS the brides day above all really as has already been pointed out. I've already warned them in advance that the groom is lacking in the shots and that I'm very sorry lol
  10. Simply wonderful images my friend!
  11. Taylor


    May 21, 2007
    Toronto, ON
    I really like your composition!
  12. Really cool stuff, Richard. Thanks for posting. I am at my brothers wedding in 2 weeks time and like you not the official photog (thankfully.) So I have been looking for some inspiration. You have just done it for me. Thanks again!
  13. Thanks all for the kind words :) 
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