Some photos of my car

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by nburwell, Jul 30, 2005.

  1. When I clicked on the thread I thought I'd see some pictures of a car...all I got was headlights.

    As for the images themselves: You've left little spaces for the eye to escape out of the frame. While looking at the subject (the headlights) my eyes are distracted and pulled towards the empty spaces on the sides. That alone generally constitutes the failure of an image to provide visual satisfaction.

    Not sure what you were aiming for here. You might wanna give it another go remembering to fill the frame and to provide a compelling subject.
  2. I very much like the second one with the reflection on the bumper and on the side of the car. Good contrast of colors.
  3. I wasn't going for a visually compelling concept with these pictures. I just took one part of my car (the headlights), and choose to attempt to frame up the image to my own liking. Sorry if my pictures were 'vague' per se in that you were looking for 'more' besides my headlights. That's just how I like to shoot.
  4. Leigh


    Feb 19, 2005
    Nick, cool shots. I agree w/Gilles, the second shot is the best of the series.
  5. I actually like the 3rd one best (always the rebel, I am, LOL!) I like the b&w and the angle, and the fact that you can see so much detail in the car while the background just fades away. Isn't the 50mm 1.8 awesome?! I really enjoy that lens.
  6. Thanks Sommer and Leigh for your comments! :)
  7. Nick i think you should take more reflections picture from your car in different surrounding and from different part of the car.
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