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  1. I usually don't post about web pages I've found, but I have to say, this guy does some really nice work:

    Just thought I'd share, for a little bit of inspiration.



    Apr 30, 2005
    Thanks for the link. That guy is a true artist


  3. He's certainly doing at least some IR work. I'm inspired to have my old D100 converted to IR just so I have the flexibility to do IR stuff without a tripod. Of course he's also certainly doing some long exposures so there's that. Now I'm rambling... it's late.

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    Great link, here is another for inspiration

    Great link.
    I like to go here whenever I need to be humbled.
  5. When I looked at the very first image on Dobrowner's site I thought "Ansel Adams". The next two or three reinforced this impression. And then I read his bio and saw that AA is his inspiration.

    He comes as close to the work of the master as anyone I have seen lately.
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    Thanks for the thread. Glad I stumbled upon it too. You can also see Mitch Dobrowner's work in the March/April edition of Lenswork magazine. Its also been an inspriation to me. Jack
  7. That's exactly where I found out about him.

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