Some Savannah Buildings

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  1. City Hall, with a recently releafed dome
    Christ Church (John Wesley, founder of Methodism, preached here), also in the news with congregation withdrawing from Episcopal Church over gay bishop issue, Episcopal Church still owns property...
    Fountain in Forsyth Park
    Residence on the park, generated some controversy for it's bright colors
    Westin on the River
  2. love the first one and the controversially-painted home shots the most, fred
    thanks for bringing us more of your lovely city

    we haven't been there in a few years... it's time for another trip
  3. Fred,

    Thank you for sharing these images. I really need to get to Savannah some day...

  4. Thanks Greg!
    The autumn is a nice time to visit, when the temperature drops.
    Let me know when you do.
  5. Hi Glenn,
    You would enjoy it. The city has lots of legitimate photo ops.