Some shots from my "studio"...

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  1. I didn't feel much like leaving the house today, and I knew I would feel that way last night. Since I had the forethought, I decided to pick up some choice items from the produce section so I could still shoot some photos today even though I wasn't feeling that adventuresome. I took the subjects to my "studio" which is really our guest bathroom. There's a smoked glass skylight in there that acts as a great diffuser for sunlight. The problem with my "studio" is always finding the right backdrop. I've been known to use and old t-shirt for this task, but today the job fell to a shoe box cover. Anyway, I've created a new Pbase gallery as a result of today's activities. Here's the URL:

    I'm supplying the link because I've had some problems with Pbase images showing up in my previous posts. Of course I'm ever the optimist, so here's a try at posting a sampler:

    [Link corrected by moderator]

    Hopefully that will show up in the post, and more importantly stay up consistently. I appreciate any comments.

  2. Dave welcome to the cafe. I made a small change/correction in your post regarding the proper way of including an image from an online gallery. Please check the code and see how you should use the BBcode and the links. 8)

    That's a very interesting shot, tell us some more about your lighting technic.

    Hope to see some more posts, soon. :wink:
  3. lighting....

    I'm more of a found-light kind of guy. I don't have a lighting setup, or the space to really use one. When I'm doing still-lifes like the one I posted, my favorite place to shoot is our guest bathroom. It has one of those bubble shaped smoked glass skylights. It provides a really nice, neutral, diffuse light for my subject. Since I don't have any significant space to setup, I also don't have any real backdrops. Eventually I'm going to pick up a piece of black felt or something, but right now, if I'm looking for a black backdrop for example, I just use the blackest thing I can find lying around the house. In this case it was the lid to a shoe box. Since the skylight casts such diffuse light, I have a range of brightness and lighting angles to choose from. I then position the backdrop and the subject to take advantage of whatever light seems the most pleasing to me. Then I shoot, controlling exposure more or less via the zone system, although with digital I'm more likely to just check the histogram and highlights although I always keep the zone system in mind.

    That's it really, not much of a technique eh? Thanks for the help with the BBcode and for the nice comment. Here's another image from the gallery, let me know if I got the BBcode correct:



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