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May 3, 2009
North Carolina
Hello all,

This seems to be the proper forum to discuss this, so here goes...

I am currently using Nikon View (version 6) to download my photos, and then Photo Mechanic to sort, rename, etc.

I go from Photo Mechanic through Nikon Capture 4 and eventually to Photoshop.

This is with a D2Hs. Since my shiny new D3s has just entered my life, I know that Capture will have to be upgraded (as will my computer). Until that happens, I tested View NX (and Nikon Transfer) as well as Photo Mechanic for downloading (ingesting) from the memory card.

Now, let me say that Nikon View 6 still works just fine. I noticed with Nikon Transfer (from View NX) that the downloaded RAW files don’t get a preview thumbnail icon (I’m on a Mac system, by the way). With Nikon View 6, and with Photo Mechanic, the thumbnail icons get created.

Question 1) Am I doing something wrong with Transfer from View NX if I’m not getting a thumbnail (of the image)?

Question 2) I noticed that the Photo Mechanic download was speedier. Would I be missing anything if I eliminated Nikon View (either version) from the workflow and just used Photo Mechanic to download from the card?

Question 3) When I upgrade from Capture 4 to Capture NX2, am I going to face a steep learning curve, or will things be similar? I don’t do a lot of editing (that’s done in Photoshop, where I’m more comfortable). Mostly I do white balance adjustments and the occasional exposure adjustments. I know the color is much better from Capture than from Camera Raw through Photoshop.

Thanks for all your thoughts and suggestions.

Feb 1, 2006
Birmingham, Alabama.
Photo Mechanic should be the first step in your workflow.
Use it to ingest sort, discard and tag your photos before editing. All of the keywords/metadata added in Photo Mechanic will stay with the photo from that point on.
So yes, you can eliminate Nikon View.
I personally do not use Nikon view.
My workflow is:

1.Photo Mechanic
2.Editing software.
3.PhotoMechanic to upload pics to my Zenfolio site.
4.Expression Media to archive photos.
May 2, 2006
I would also toss Nikon View out of the workflow and just use Photo Mechanic. Its faster and way more flexible, especially when it comes to adding metadata. One of the great things about Photo Mechanic is if you rename your images, it does a damn good job of not ingesting duplicates.

My workflow
1. ingest (Photo Mechanic)
2. Geotag (Photo Mechanic or HoudahGeo)
3. Initial sorting, rating and culling (Photo Mechanic)
4. Backup photos to external drives
5. Import into Aperture
6. Edit, rate and publish (Aperture)
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