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Someone had a bad day...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ShaunK, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. On an otherwise pleasant day, driving to the beach Monday, when all the lanes come to a screeching halt... Fast Track where we were driving included. Hop out just as the smoke starts rising to see this:

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    Uh, oh! All but right 2 lanes closed, SIG alert, we had to get out of the Fast Track and continue in the normal lanes. This was the sight as we drove by:

    View attachment 216252

    Looked like a single car problem... hope no one was hurt!!! :frown:
  2. Phil


    Nov 25, 2007
    I hope they got their camera equipment out in time.
  3. Funny (?) thing is, I thought about that as we drove by!!! :eek: 
  4. Ahh, the good ol' 91! I've survived that freeway on many occasions! lol

    Nice captures, Shaun!
  5. Yeah, it's not the most pleasant to drive... I don't take it often, but I can't think of a time I have, any time of day, when there's not some major traffic!!! :rolleyes: 
  6. looks like and acura rsx...im not sure though, never seen one engulfed in fire before.
  7. We thought it was a Civic, so something like that, it was too burnt to tell by the time we went past.
  8. And I thought the highways in the Bay Area were tough...
  9. Hope the driver got out in time.
  10. Cleo68


    Jul 7, 2008
    Bedford, MA
    OMG! I'm surprised they let you drive that close to that! I'd be freaking out wondering if it was going to explode! Holy cow. Fire trucks must've been taking a while to get there! Scary stuff.

  11. Not sure. Looking at the hood, and the way it's folded tells me this guy ran into the back of somebody. There's also some debris and skid marks in front of the vehicle that would support this thought as well.
  12. kwork


    Jun 8, 2006
    Not an RSX. We don't have marker lights on the front bumper.
  13. jadlh


    Mar 6, 2008
    USA, Michigan
    Doesn't all that plastic look melty ... ;>)
  14. :biggrin: Try this area once and you'll know!!!

    I think everyone was OK... it looked like an accident that they had cleared and then the car started on fire.

    The funny thing is, they had the Fast Trak lanes shut down, and were shuffling everybody to that side of the car, right where the wind was blowing. We thought it looked safer to go around the car on the other side, but apparantly not!

    I'm with you on that one, although the front bumper looks just fine... and there's always some sort of debris on this freeway! :tongue: But it's highly possible.

    Ok... could be a custom job, though.
  15. The crumpled hood and undamaged front bumper is very common in rear-enders. The reason being the person slams on their brakes, and the front of the car dips down. If the rear bumper of the car/truck it's about to hit is high enough, the bumper will go under it, but the hood will catch and fold like you see in the pic above. This is a scenario I've seen hundreds of times in my 11 year EMS career. Still, I'm not real sure why the car erupted into flames, because the damage seems quite minimal otherwise. I guess it's possible that a fuel injector line was damaged or maybe the car had some shoddy engine customization that didn't hold up to the impact. Looking at the first image, I would wager a guess that the white pickup truck is what the car ran into. After the car erupted into flames, the driver of the truck did what any sane individual would have done, and pulled as far away as he could to avoid joining the bonfire. The fact that the ambulance in the first image is parked in front of the pickup truck also makes me think this is the case, as we often try to pull ahead of the first vehicle to avoid being creamed by oncoming traffic, and also to have the rear doors of the ambulance positioned for easy loading of the patient. If you look at the first image, you can also see a very clear set of skid marks behind the car that would support the collision theory. :wink:

    Also, judging by the damage on the white car, I would say the only way anybody was seriously hurt is if they weren't wearing a seatbelt. The impact damage looks pretty minor.
  16. Seneca


    Dec 4, 2006
    Whoa...that's amazing. Awful thing is...how do you know your car is about to catch on fire? Ohhh this totally always scares me. I have a relatively new car, but it is always on my mind whenever I drive long distances.

    Yikes this must've been horrific for the driver of this car.
  17. Well, you can rest easy knowing that there is a firewall between the engine compartment and the passenger compartment, so you will notice the smoke before you're in danger of being caught on fire. I don't recall ever hearing or reading about anybody being hurt or killed because their car simply caught on fire.
  18. And I'm pretty sure, after looking at the pics more, that this happened after an accident that the burning car was involved in... I haven't heard of too many vehicles simply bursting into flames... well, maybe a few VW's here and there, some Pinto's and Yugo's, but I'm sure you're safe, Seneca! :biggrin:
  19. Baywing


    Feb 22, 2005
    CT USA
    Looks he rear ended something, that hood looks buckled up and there seem to be parts and pieces in the road in front of the car. Could have hit the ICC bar of a rig, driver probably never felt the hit.
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