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Mar 18, 2008
Miami, Florida, USA.
Rob, I like the potential of this image and I will tell you what I would have done differently but please keep in mind we are all different and we all do our photography as we think it should be correct.
In the first place, why is the subject dead center? Although rules can be broken when the composition is changed it should be done to make it more pleasing to the eye.
By photographing the trees at their heights you have really emphasized the importance of the statue and for my taste I like that very much. I would have open the shadows just a bit and once again, that is just my taste. I would have done that sepia toning lighter and finally I would have straighten that fence in the background.
This is an image that I would like to use to experiment with an extreme wide angle just for effects and always keeping those trees like you nicely did here but trying to come closer to the statue.
Lots of potential here. If you decide to try again, please let me see the images. I bet they are going to be terrific.

William Rodriguez
Miami, Florida.

Rob Zijlstra

A Koffie Drinker
Nov 5, 2008
William, thanks very much for commenting. Coming from you, that is always especially appreciated.

"In the first place, why is the subject dead center? ":
You do not see it, but this pic is made of a pano of three, made with the 24mm PC-E. I cropped heavily, especially the FG, until I found this square. Somehow it just looked fine to me: the trees in the BG for effect and in the center (of this universe...) I had the main object.

I might add, that I'm not an addict of the rule of three; most of the time I find it makes for dull, run of the mill pictures, but that just my opinion.

About the shadows you're probably right. I did this under a harsh noon sun and it was difficult to get both the trees and the FG correct. This was the best I could do, but I should probably try to shoot this in the evening or at sunrise for the light.
In general I find a (vertical) pano of a 24mm hard to get right (qua light), either the FG is too dark or .. etc

Again, thanks for commenting my friend. It is appreciated coming from you. I know I'm an amateur and I will always listen to professionals!

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