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Something from Sunday

Discussion in 'Birds' started by Desert Rat, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. While out practicing with the 200-400 mounted on my D2X I shot a Oyster Catcher that appears to me realtively sharp image. lately they have just been hit and miss...

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  2. Eric
    I am suffering thru some of the same pains as you. This image is sharp in the eye and beak but somewhat soft in feather detail on my screen.
    our standard fill flash Joke/question arises, but when I see Mike Macs shots, without flash from sunday I wonder what critcal piece of information or technique still eludes me.
  3. Dave, Did not use fill flash yesterday seemed like it was pretty bright enough not to use one.. As long as i got the birdie turning its head the right way into the light...
    That is exactly what I was thinking after viewing Mike mac images from yesterday... I got images as crisp as that when i hit the Wild Animal park the first time out with the lens... After that is has been hit and miss...

    Check out this post Dave


    Forgot to add that when I use my 70-200VR lens with and without converters, the images are or appear to be much sharper and well focused... With the 200-400VR it seems like it is hit and miss still...

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  4. bfjr

    bfjr Guest

    What is your EXIF for this shot??
    If your eye is sharp, and that's where you focused but you feel feathers on are softer then should be, only two reasons

    shutter speed to low and bird moved slightly
    f stop not small (bigger #'s) enough to cover DOF
  5. Shooting Data is as follows

    1.7X TC14E II
    ISO 320
    focal length 650mm

    I am not so sure that the eye is even that sharp on this shot .....

    Bird was just standing there and did not appear to be moving at all.
    If you look at Mike macs images from Sunday he was shooting around 1/40 sec and got really sharp images.. I have been able to do that as well, but it is hit and miss lately...

  6. I am going to do some detailed testing this weekend, with and with out the converter, with and with out VR and try to determine some standard that I can relate to on mine. I have a feeling it still boils down to fully understanding my equipment and the problem lies in me and not the equipment. This is me and as the saying goes YMMV.
  7. That is what I was doing Saturday at the Wild Animal Park. Shot all different things with and without converters... Had a pretty decent day comapred to keepers...
    Kept VR on all the time and got lots of really good sharp images...

    I also thinki am doing something wrong but not sure what it is.. Since I know with landscape images I can nail those down along with airplanes and shots with my 70-200VR...

  8. my version of your image

    I really can not tell Eric. My thoughts are that the focus was not quite nailed, but focus area does not show in capture for me on this image. some of my images that are just not right also do not display a focus area in capture so that may be a clue.
    anyway I processed it in ACR with my workflow and here is my version
  9. Don't know it shows up for me before I do any processing.. It is just below the eye... What do you think of the other posts???

  10. Looks to me to be in processing Eric. My version is not the best, could have tweaked luminence smoothing and curves a bit to have made it better, but the sharppening step that you used was not enough it would seem after working the image myself. What do you think?
  11. At 400mm + a 1.4x TC your focal plane is pretty short, even at f7.1...add some lens blur or gaussian blur and voila, your image appears unsharp...

    Dave I can see some oversharpening in your version by looking at the water in the background - looks like High ISO noise...

    Eric, be patient, you will dial in your lens/d2x combo it just takes time...are you using VR normal or active? How about the AF settings of the lens? Af-On, AF-L? What do those mean? Which is the best for wimberly setups? Did you try some captures with VR Off, or on other settings??
  12. correct Brett. I should have applied some luminence smoothing for that, just a quick application to Eric's image for testing. Should have done it right.
  13. Well, I have some images from the Wild Animal park i am looking at now in Nikon Vew at they were shot at 400mm + 1.4TC or 1.7TC at F/6.3-f9 and look pretty good...Even some of the swimming ducks..

    There is just a lot of inconsistency from one day to the next...

    I have according to Nikon and the manual VR is in normal mode. Not sure about the lens setting for AF.. Have to look at it again.. Have never changed things since I go ti out of the box.
    Tried captures with both VR on and VR off and they look pretty much the same inconsistent..
    Saturday I was out and shooting some Pelicans and other avian. The pelicans are quite focused in and sharp but the others images from the day are so. so.. i.e. the ducks are swimming around and i an panning with them.. That should not be a problem at least I thought so...

  14. I have no idea what luminence smoothing even is???

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