Something I'm missing on the Nikor 24-70 2.8

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  1. I'm currently looking for one of these lens used (and the 70-200vr). Once in a while I see sellers say they are getting rid of it because they are moving to d700 full frame. I don't get it... what is a better option for these people pertaining to high quality zooms?
  2. I don't follow the logic either. Since pro glass like the 70-200 retains it's value so well I find it a better value to buy new. I have a 24-70 2.8 on order for 1699 CDN new with a five year warranty. That 5 years of warranty and peace of mind holds a lot of value to me. Unless you are saving at least a few hundred versus new you may want to consider a shiny new one with warranty...........


  3. I don't own either lens but I have read that the 70-200 can vignette on Full Frame cameras. I can't imagine why they would want to sell a 24-70 to get ready for full frame?!?
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    The 24-70 was built for FX. the comment you heard had to have referred to the issues of the 70-200VR with some vignetting reported. But many users still use the lens with satisfaction I think. But reports are, it may be updated or replaced. How much faith to put into that, dunno.
  5. a 24-70 for $1699 cdn?? Where are you getting that?

    Best I can find is at Vistek for $1829....
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    I dont see the issue with the 70-200 on the D3/FX frame...

    When is the last time you have been turned down a job because the customer saw too much vignetting in your image?

    I blow my sports images (shot with the 70-200) up to 24x36 and get nothing but amazing results.