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Something weird

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by ozarkshome, Dec 24, 2005.

  1. Something weird going on, I installed Bibble trial version. I have Aperture set to auto download photos so of course when I hooked up the D200 and turned it on it opened. No big deal, closed it, opened Bibble, opened the images and all was great! (except this newbie did not know it does not save the RAW images to the harddrive, or at least did not appear to do so?)

    After viewing the images in Bibble and assuming the RAW files were imported (and being unable to find any Save or Import function) I ejected the camera (I am on a G5 Mac). Then I could not do anything with the images that were still displaying in Bibble. :-(

    Then I turned on the camera again, Aperture opened and the images were visible in Aperture? Of course there was no way to do anything with them as they are "unsupported", it did seem strange that they would be viewable.

    I have spent some time in the Bibble help files to no avail. Any quick explanation of how one saves RAW files to their HD from Bibble so they are accessible?

    Newbie to the forum, please excuse if this should have gone somewhere else, and TIA
  2. nfoto

    nfoto Guest

    I'm not on Macs, but with other systems (Windows, Linux) Bibble doesn't do anything with your raw files unless ordered to do so, and even then it will never alter the original file.

    Edit a preview by clicking the thumbnail of the file, when finished select the image by clicking the check box below the thumbnail (or shortcut "."), then drop the thumbnail into an appropriate batch queue (or press the shortcut key for the batch, I mainly use Bibble from the keyboard to speed things up even more). Batches are by default set up to ask for the destination folder for the processed files.

    I have no idea of what Aperture on the Mac does in terms of dealing with files or how it interacts with Bibble, but on my non-Mac systems the processing or saving of files is simplicity itself.
  3. I have discovered that Aperture downloaded the RAW files to its library. I can open them in Bibble from there, kewl. Now I do not have to leave the camera on to access the files.

    I still have no idea how to use Bibble to save the RAW files to the hard drive?

  4. JimTech

    JimTech Guest

    Copy them directly

    I always copy them directly to the computer using the file manager on the system in question. Then I work the files with the software. Maybe I am just an anomaly in that practice.:confused: 

    Also, the new file format isn't fully supported by many of the software right now. They will get up to speed fairly soon though.
  5. Jim is correct. Make a folder in the Hard drive you wish to store them in, Load them there from the camera, then tell your software where to find them to work with them. I always make a folder, plug in the camera (in my case I use a CF card reader) then I select all (cmd a) then copy (cmd c) then paste them into the folder I made.
    I use windows but I am certain this will work with mac.
  6. <blush> I switched from MS to Mac earlier this year. It did not dawn on me that I could use Finder on the G5 to copy the files and put them in a folder anywhere I wanted them. I had gotten lazy being accustomed to Aperture and iPhoto automatically transferring the pics and then erasing the card. </blush>

    Thanks, half asleep here I guess. :) 

    One definitely can see how good their holding stability is with this camera. I just thought I was good. Really liking the D200 and the 17-55.
  7. sample

    Sample photo from the D200 and 17-55 2.8, full size but quality reduced considerable when converted to jpg. Hand held, at 55.

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