Sometimes it isn't the camera

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR' started by Beezle, May 30, 2005.

  1. So I had several incidents where my D2X would refuse to focus. Then it would be fine and focus again.

    Today I figured out why.

    Depending on the lens, I hold the camera with my left hand such that the outside edge of my left thumb rests against the lens release button.

    Guess what happens if this button is slightly depressed? :D
  2. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Ohhh nooo.. That is not a good thing.

    Sure glad you figured that one out.
  3. dbirdsong

    dbirdsong Guest

    I sometime am touching the DOF preview button on my D70 with my left hand.. You know what happens when you to that? :D
    yeap the exposure is wrong...
  4. I've also found it's much to easy to accidentally move the focus mode selector switch.
  5. jumbocrab

    jumbocrab Guest

    Actually, that was what I was trying to ask you in this thread:

    I also had the same problem and found out the answer when I examine the EXIF data of the shots which were taken when the camera refused to focus. It says "manual" even though the camera was clearly on AF-S.
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  6. I remember you asking, then I pondered if the focus mode switch was perhaps in the wrong position. Sorry I didn't get back around to replying.

    So did it turn out to be pressing the lens release for you too?

  7. Care full!
    I have done exactly the same thing.
    I've always been critical that the D2H/D2X lens release button is far too big and protrudes more than necessary and is easy to press inadvertently.

    My wake-up call to be more careful was when I dropped my 17-55mm 4 feet to the ground! Amazingly fortunate was that I was standing in a foot of newly fallen powder snow and it landed precisely UV filter first. Better lucky than good.

    Occasionally I'll shoot in portrait orientation but 180 degrees reversed to get the flash to the right of the camera, rather than the usual left. In this awkward hold I always unlock the lens inadvertently...hence the near disaster plummet to the snow...coulda' been on pavement 5 feet to my left!

  8. jumbocrab

    jumbocrab Guest

    Yes, it turned out to be the lens release too. I now have to change my hand holding style to avoid it. Previously, I used to like holding the camera by grabbing very close to the lens mount - that has never been a problem for the D70.
  9. Same here. I also have a D70. I still use it too.

    Ah well, now that I know, I just "won't do that anymore." :D
  10. jumbocrab

    jumbocrab Guest

    That's why I like forums like this one, where we can share our experience with one another. Sure beats having to wonder if I'm the only one having this problem, and having to figure things out all by myself!
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