Sony just overtook Nikon in the #2 spot of FF camera sales

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    I hope Nikon is doing something this year that will rock the boat. Seems like mirrorless shouldn't be taken lightly. Even though I'm still mostly Nikon when it comes to FF, my D3S was replaced with a fully gripped A7II. I'm also using a Commlite Nikon AF adapter and a Techart M mount AF adapter that gives me full AF for my whole lens collection! Overall I get more precise AF due to mirrorless and it's also opened my lens collection to classic lenses and other lens mounts such as Canon if I choose. I don't own any native Sony lenses!

    Anyways, what do you guys/gals think? Does Nikon need to release a large sensor mirrorless camera to stay competitive?
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  2. Ray Vonn

    Ray Vonn Guest

    There's 50+ years of wonderful Nikkor lenses out there - if Nikon can come out with something smaller, mirrorless if need be, that can get those lenses used in a similar way to how the A7 can use them, but natively and without the need for an adapter, then surely they'll be on to a winner. The silly thing is, they could easily do it.
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  3. A word of caution: this is only in the US, and "The announcement was based on data collected by NPD Group’s Retail Tracking Service and considered dollars spend on camera gear between January and February 2017." (emphasis added).
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  4. I think it still says a lot where US buyers are putting their money. I'm seeing less Nikon rigs nowadays. Video is becoming a large portion of pro photography and people who are jumping in for the first time are either going Sony or Canon. Heritage can only get you so far and Nikon needs to start innovating again.
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  5. Yep, with Nikon omitting the AI input ring on the D7500 that's got me worried that
    it's going to be a preview of the future. With the adaptability of mirrorless to older
    manual lenses of ALL brands Nikon needs to wake up or they may be on their way
    to becoming a minor player.

    I would LOVE a mirrorless Df style FF camera with a stabilized sensor, tilt screen and
    no need for adapters... (y)
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  6. Yup.
  7. I've been asking for this for years now, ever since I migrated to the lowly Ricoh GXR and then Sony. Give me a body that works natively with my chipped manual focus lenses, more ergonomically than Sony, with a better menu system. I'll buy it in a flash if it's got an FX sensor.
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  8. Ray Vonn

    Ray Vonn Guest

    I didn't know that. It makes the D7500 like a D5xxx series camera in that respect. I hope this isn't a sign of what Nikon have got lined up for 2017.
  9. BrianVS


    Mar 15, 2017
    How much
    I did not realize that, assumed since it was a 7000 series camera that it had the Ai coupling. The lack of it takes this camera off of my RADAR screen.

    Maybe they should call it a D5700. Maybe somebody at Nikon transposed the digits on the engraving machine.
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  10. Not to mention it only has 1 SD card slot. Nikon loves to give and take away features!
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  11. I think the biggest problem is that the decisions the company makes are made by people more
    worried about getting the 'Selfi' crowd. They can buy a new fancy camera, stick an all electronic
    'new' lens on it, set it to 'Scene' mode and point-n-shoot.

    Who cares about a small percentage of enthusiasts, they've got 'Phone' people to impress...
  12. Tinstafl


    Aug 6, 2008
    I have been toying with switching myself after shooting Nikon since the 70s. Cameras today are computers and Nikon has missed the boat I think. They need to come up with something to match Sony and the mirror less medium format guys as well.
  13. Interesting...

    I was especially interested in the last part of that article:

    "I'm also reminded of the 2007-2008 period, where Nikon wrested the full frame unit volume crown from
    Canon briefly. That was celebrated by Nikon (mostly in Japan), as it should be, but celebrations have this
    hangover problem. If you get too caught up in small victories, you might miss out on the big one. Canon
    certainly fought hard and got their market share back. So when Sony throws smack like this, I'm pretty
    sure that it fully caught both Canon's and Nikon's attention.

    Expect a reaction. It might not happen quickly, but you don't make statements like the one Sony did without
    getting a reaction from the rest of the market."

    Makes me hopeful for the possibility of some aggressive pricing from Nikon. Maybe some meaty "Instant Rebates"
    as a possible counter move...?
  14. TN Args

    TN Args

    Mar 16, 2017
    Why not add some understanding by posting the absolute numbers for the 12-month total of 2016?

    2-month totals are almost ridiculous and can represent minor glitches like sales offers or stock running out.

    If the 12-month 2016 totals show Nikon above Sony then they are above Sony, and we wait for the 12-month 2017 totals so see if that changes.
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  15. web52


    May 9, 2008
    houston tx
    In the brawling and punching (figuratively speaking) that goes on during the Round, a fighter can't wait until Round 2 is finished before trying to counterpunch or to get back at the opponent. Waiting for the 12-month calendar year totals is like waiting for the round to finish before deciding on a strategy. That's OK for the guys in the pub watching the telly, but Sony, Nikon, and that other company are wanting to manipulate the market now so that in 2018 Sony WILL be firmly in second place.

    So, Sony landed a punch. It might even have been a solid body-blow. What's in the R&D pipeline, and what Marketing comes up with in response in the next few weeks (won't hit the sales floor for another 3 to 6 months, unfortunately) will determine whether it's a single shot, or if Sony wears themselves out on a Rope-a-Dope, or whether Nikon really is a weakening product line.

    I'm going to sit out this Round, maybe play some darts. I'm satisfied with my D7200 and my current lenses. Maybe in a year or two when retirement is firmly potted in place (sorry for mixing electronics imagery with sports) I might be looking for a smaller equipment pack and thus "get back in the Game".

    Hm. Gotta go refill my cup. Cheers.
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  16. TN Args

    TN Args

    Mar 16, 2017
    I can't understand anybody making their gear purchases depending on the position of the companies on a sales volumes ladder. Bewildering.
  17. web52


    May 9, 2008
    houston tx
    +1 maybe more emphatically--- x1 (get out the old multiplier) multiplication is you know stronger than addition.
    Of course, some people look at sales volume as equal to number of positive reviews, and anyway, who can read all the reviews? It's just so AWESOME that so many people LIKE the Sony cameras. you know, like, it's GOOD, and like maybe I'll just RETWEET the link and post it on my facebook blog.
    *sigh* Some people have different logic circuits, I suppose.
  18. Love your boxing analogies! Sony is like the young boxer trying to make a name for himself using flashy hard hitting punches, but also has lots of gaps and flaws in his technique. Canon and Nikon are like the figurative 1 and 2 ranked fighters with a solid defense and hard hitting orthodox boxing style, but like any boxer on the top they resort to a defensive style in order to maintain their longevity.
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