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Sorry to beat a dead horse,but where's the D100 replacement?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jonathan F/2, Apr 20, 2005.

  1. I was just browsing the Nikon site and looking at the cameras. The D100 looks soo out of place in the product line-up. I know the cash is in the low cost consumer cameras, but come on now, how hard is it to replace the D100? Are they stalling or something? During the D1 series of camera, the Nikon line-up was fairly solid, but now things seem out of whack.

    I just need a sub 2 grand camera with high megapixels. Ugh, as if we really need a D50. If I were Nikon, I would of just priced the D70 in between the rebel and rebel xt and be done with it. It's not like the D70s improves on the sensor, it's still the same old 6 megapixels. It's not like a noob knows what a 1/500 flash sync is, to them 8mp is better than 6mp.

    Sorry to gripe, I consider myself a diehard Nikon fan, but this is just perplexing! :shock: :?

    Final gripe - My lens has been in repair for almost a month and I'm an NPS member! So much for speedy repair! :evil: :evil: :roll:
  2. I asked my reliable camera store owner that last night. He said it will be announced sometime in August.

  3. From a marketing point of view, it would have been a mistake to introduce the d200 before the d2h. I think they're going to fill the pipeline with the pro version before they announce the prosumer model.

    I'm hoping it will have some of the features of the d2h, like a larger view finder, improved AF system, and high speed mode. If Rich's info is correct, I'll be placing my order in August, and hope for delivery by Octoberfest.
  4. Jonathan,

    I know how you feel. I have been patiently waiting for this replacement for months. I think thousands of Nikon Users are in the same boat. I'm very close from buying D2X and if my patience will run out, I will get one.

    There are no "solid and legit" facts out there but if you go to DPR and search for "D200" (especially the latest ones) you will get some interesting information. Basically what Rich said, Fall 2005. Who knows when for sale (PMA '06 ?). Who can wait that long :) 
  5. If you look at what works for Nikon you'll remember that the D70 was wildly popular because it out-did the Drebel at the same price point.

    Seems to me Nikon jumped in with the D50 where there is no Canon competition and will wait a bit longer for the wildly successful 20D to age and again bring out a killer camera in that price point.

    And then there's the D2H at $1900. How would that fair if a D200 came out at $1600 and it was better (ie. Higher pixel count, etc...)? It would have sucked the life out of the D2H and they'd have shelves full of inventory. I took advantage of the D2H price drop but that doesn't mean I don't think it wasn't a boneheaded move.


  6. I've got mine, but have a non disclosure clause, so cant say a word! 8)
  7. Joe,

    You may be right about all that, except that the $2K D2H was just an inventory clearing. It's not an actual product price point for Nikon. The new D2Hs replaces the D2H at the same old price point of >=$3K. So Nikon is free to come out w/ the D200 anyday now, but I suspect they don't want it to horde in on the fanfare of the D2X so soon yet.

    Also, I don't think Nikon should have any concerns about pushing out the D50 and D200 at around the same time, except for the problem of ramping up production to meet the demand. I doubt anyone looking at D50 vs D200 will have a difficult time choosing (one way or the other). The D70s, OTOH, might be a bit confusing for the new entry level buyer unless the D50 is really THAT cheap -- what's the price on that thing anyway? And how big is it? My little sister (who did study photography in school) could be interested in a D50 if it's tiny compared to the D70 -- she'd rather lug around her Hassy than my D70 if it's not gonna be compact and lightweight. :D  I think she might love a digital FM3a actually.

    Personally, I'm so waiting for the D200 just like everyone else. But if Rich (and others) is right about an August announcement, I guess that's ok by me (as if anyone should care). :D  But obviously, for us buyers, the sooner the better, no? Just don't pull a Canon w/ a buggy, premature release is all. :wink: And oh yes, I'd like a 1-month insiders advanced notice so I have time to sell my D70 before the used market takes a big hit. :mrgreen:

    LOL! Can you at least post some sample pics? Just doctor the EXIF so Nikon doesn't think they're D200 samples. :wink:

  8. Man,
    Guess what.... I think we would all love that. And you won't be the only one making that same move so either way, we will take a big hit, IMO. I'm curious how D50 and D70s will impact used D70. I know you could still sell D70 body for ~$700 but who knows what will happen after today's release.
  9. Well, the announced new D70 firmware update scheduled for same time as D70s release sounds like it will make the D70 almost the same as D70s sans the slightly larger LCD. So probably not much impact from the D70s. Not sure about the D50 impact though.

    Given the initial price of the D50 and its feature set, it might actually *help* the value of our D70's, believe it or not. The D50's $900 price (w/ new 18-55DX kit lens) might actually help establish a pretty high floor for selling used D70's. Certainly, I won't feel like my D70+18-70DX should sell for much less than a new D50 kit. If going rate is ~$700 for used D70 body, then ~$900 is probably where used D70+kit lens would sit. So probably no negative impact from D50. Certainly, it's better than if the D50 body was priced at just $500-600.

    Now, since Nikon will release new firmware to improve the D70, that would certainly help me wait for another few months for the D200. :D  Will have to wait and see how much improvement we're talking about of course...

    BTW, obviously, "insiders advanced notice" would mean not everyone will know, so not everyone would hit the used market like we'd see when things are officially announced. So far, we've heard plenty of rumors, but I haven't noticed too many people dumping their D70's in such expectation. If they did, I guess they've been waiting for a few months and will wait at least a few more w/out a camera just when the spring is rolling in and leading into the summer.

  10. ahhhhhhhhhh

    Don't hold your breath waiting for the D200.

    I'll bet anyone right now that it won't be available until 06. :shock:

    Nikon has always taken the 'road less traveled' when it comes to marketing smarts.

  11. I am also betting that the D200 won't be shipped in volume before 06!

    Even if the camera was announced and developed "soon", it will take a while to build enough inventory, given the pent-up demand, so that the perception is not (once again) one of scarcity and unplanned introduction, like it was with the D2H, the D70 and to a smaller extent the D2X...

    Anyway, that is my reasoning, and the reason why I am looking at a slighty used D2H now, rather than a new D200 a year from now, for about the same money (starting from a D70).
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