Southwick Zoo (6 pictures)

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  1. What better to do on a 95 degree day than head to the zoo? :smile: Actually, this one is located in the woods and has a lot of shade.

    These were shot with my 80-200 + 1.4TC. I had forgotten the 300mm at home, and decided to try this combo. I *really* like this "zoom" for stuff like the zoo.....just the right amount of magnification. :smile: All are hand-held and only the lion shot is cropped.

    I forget this guy's name....Ca-something. He's a very large cavy! :smile:

    Blue macaw
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    This guy was in a cage labelled "Golden pheasant" but he's something else. Shot through a wire cage.
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    Mr. Giraffe was able to look up and over his fence at us.
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    Royal nap time
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    A peacock showing off his bokeh! :tongue:
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    Comments/critiques/suggestions are welcomed! :smile:
  2. It's a Capybara, the world's largest rodent.
  3. Ah, thank you kind Sir!! :smile:

    He seemed very happy to have an audience, that's for sure. :smile:
  4. Great stuff, Gretchen. Very sharp and very well exposed. Wonderful work.

    Ok, where's my goat-hugger picture-I was looking forward to that. :smile:
  5. Thank you Dave for your kind compliments! :smile:

    You can find Emilie hugging goats here. :smile:
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  6. hey these are great! :biggrin: I wish it would stop raining so I can get out! Rain! Rain! Rain! :frown:
  7. Very nice set. Some beautiful animals.
  8. Very nice set!

    I like the Giraffe best, she's giving you "the look".....maybe she wanted to get hugged? :Crunk:
  9. I'm sorry you're stuck in the rain! :frown: We had rain for almost a week, until this past Monday. VERY frustrating being stuck inside.

    Thank you Phil! It's a very small zoo, but they do a nice job and the animals are well kept. :smile:

    I think the Giraffes were playing with me, I have a whole series of "do you want this side? No? This one? Let me look up at the sky!"

    I will be sure that Emilie brings a ladder next time so she's not just hugging a hoof! :tongue:
  10. VERY nice series Gretchen!
  11. Nice series. You're right and the label is wrong: it's not a golden pheasant it's a satyr tragopan ("Crazy name, crazy guy!" to quote an old catchphrase from Private Eye magazine :smile:).

  12. Thank you Frits for the kind words! :smile:

    Alan, thank you VERY much for the ID! :smile: I did see the Golden Pheasant (he was in the same cage), but there were quite a few other beautiful birds in there that weren't ID'd. I appreciate the info! :smile: