Speed of CF Cards?

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  1. Sorry if this topic has been covered before, but what difference does it make as to the speed of the CF Card? I am assuming that this only matters if you are 'machine gunning' images and not just taking them at a slow and steady pace as one might have back in the old days of film.

    Is everybody throwing away their 1 Gig cards and going with the 4's? I just got the word my D2X is 'in the mail' and I have a couple 1 Gig cards and a couple 512s. Guess I need to ramp up.............

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    You are right. The main reason for fast cf cards is to quickly empty the buffer so you can continue shooting. Even when I am shooting birds in flight I rarely even fill the buffer. I prefer to save money and go for a moderately fast card like the Sandisk Ultra.

    Even with the file size of the D2X (mine arrives tomorrow :)) I don't plan to go over 2 gigs. Reliable as CF cards may be they still do occasionally fail and I don't want too many eggs in one basket.
  3. I'm using a Lexar 4GB 80x Pro card with the D2x along with the same in a 2GB size.

    Rob Galbraith just did the CF card test for the D2x. You can see the results here:

    2GB size cards in my opinion are just too small if you're heading out in the wilds to shoot.
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