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Speed + Teenager = Accident

Discussion in 'Photojournalism, Candids and Street Photography' started by David_Bailey, Aug 4, 2007.

  1. gadgetguy11


    Nov 16, 2005
    I hope she learned a valuable lesson. Yesterday the local news reported a local 14yr old (2 yrs under legal age) driving a Dodge Neon with 5 fellow student passengers at speeds to 100MPH. He lost control and crashed through 3) fences, and died at the scene. His friends survived with injuries.
  2. Last year we had 3 14 year olds die after taking 1 of their fathers Ford Ranger for a joy ride with 2 other 14 year old girls. The girls lived, the boys died. It's tragic when these things happen.

    I would hope that someone in this situation would not only learn a lesson but take that lesson to their peers and warn them that speed and inattention kills.

    Prior to my current profession I was a Police Officer in the SF Bay Area for 15 years and saw more deaths than I care to remember. Teenage car accidents can usually be avoided.
  3. We lose so many this way. Too many.
  4. Wow, I've not seen that much oil spill out in quite some time. Usually its the antifreeze that's everywhere (and damn don't your boots get slippery if you step in that stuff!). Glad to hear she'll be ok, her seatbelt probably saved her. Good for her for wearing it!
  5. If you notice the front end of her vehicle shows where she ran right through a very large tree before hitting a ditch, going airborne and rolling it. It's a miracle she survived any of the impacts.
  6. While they were not teenagers, USAF personnel at the base in Holland, [where I wasted some valuable time in 1964], were reminded by the Base Commander thru means of several wrecks prominently displayed, that drinking and driving do not mix. While this may simply be inexperience on the girl's part, having a few wrecks displayed at the local high school may make these kids think twice????
  7. She's lucky to be alive.
  8. eng45ine


    May 11, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    I responded to one of these incidents yesterday, a rolled over BMW SUV with only one person inside. She was treated and transported with seemingly minor injuries....but the vehicle sustained big damage.

  9. And you don't keep a P&S in your pocket? :wink:
  10. Doug


    Jan 17, 2006
    East TN
    horrific sight. That vehicle really took it. The oil is everywhere probably because the crankcase was busted, or oil pan ripped.

    To bad to hear John, I swear kids got to learn quicker about speed. I don't understand it. I drove a 442 at 16, but I used some common sense. Either that or I was a better driver, I don't know which. Anyway, this tragic story is played out again and again and again. Sad...

  11. I'm speechless! I remember seeing the car on the news. Makes me want to keep my kids from driving as long as I can!
  12. cotdt


    Jul 14, 2007
    Bay Area, USA
    looks like an SUV rollover. should be more carefulll. i remember when i first started driving, i smashed head-on into concrete at 60MPH, completely pancaking the car. since then, i learned to drive more carefulll.
  13. Being a retired fire fighter I have seen hundreds of these (more than I wanted). I used to dreed graduation time, every year we would loose 2 or 3 great kids to accidents. Will they learn. I think not. Did you..

  14. A 30 y/o Mom was killed this week near here. Drifted off the road over steered trying to get back on the road, lost control rolled several times in the opposite ditch and was ejected. Died on scene.
    Another one a couple hours away from here...16 year old kid in car late at night driving through a park (read across the grass) with out his head lights on attempting to do a Dukes of Hazard jump. Runs over another teen sitting in the grass with her friends and is dragged for 300 meters.

    Around here you can get your licence at 16 and never take another test for the rest of your life. Renew every 5 years but thats it. It you had to write a test and pass a road test I bet it would cut down hugely on the number of accidents.
  15. Hopefully the CO parked the vehicles outside the Officers' & NCO clubs for viewing during "Happy Hour" on Friday afternoons. Stupidity knows no rank.

  16. Many times over the years my Fire Dept with cooperation with the RCMP and local ambulance co would stage a serious accident near a high school and would time it so that we rolled up hot (lights and sirens) just as the kids were coming out for lunch. Of course a crowd would gather and watch. Patients were all made up to look realistic and damages serious. Always an extrication was required some times we would throw in a fatality and "ignore" that pt while we worked to save the viable pts. You could see that some students thought it was a joke but you could always see by the expressions and comments the students that it had made in impact on.
  17. With one kid working with a permit, it is incredibly obvious how the nut falls from the tree. Both of us noticed some minor indiscretions where the rules weren't quite followed. After a couple of different reminders and hearing, but that's what mom does, we started strictly following all rules. It made a huge impact in the little things.

    I'm a bit scared right now, because I'm buying a HP car tomorrow. The kids will be driving and learning with the focus, but even having that car around...
  18. I don't think you can be too careful.

    I know a man that recently lost his 17 year old son to one of these accidents. His boy wasn't driving. Just poof, no more son.

    Lost a 20 year old sister this way myself.

    And on it goes.
  19. eswinston


    Mar 11, 2006
    The SUV looks horrendous, but then, it is supposed to. The forces get distributed to the body of the car which breaks up and protects, to some extent, the (hopefully) restrained passenger inside. Still, very scary to see.
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