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Spend my money for me!

Discussion in 'Nikon FX DSLR Forum' started by sonyam, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. Well, not literally, but I will have almost $5,000 in *camera and equipment* money in the very near future....and I'm torn. I want a second body to compliment my D300 and will be getting rid of the D80. I had plans to get a D3 in the early fall until this nifty little D700 pops out of Nikon's goody bag. So, what do I do? Do I get a D700, do I get a D3, or do I wait and see what's available in the fall as far as a possible D3 *updated* body? I DO need the high ISO performance, and the D80 just falls terribly short in that area. ALSO if I get the D700 I could have some extra play money to get more glass (what I have is listed and I'll take recommendations) I don't necessarilly need the speed of the D3, (although toddlers are quick!) Opinions?
  2. cotdt


    Jul 14, 2007
    Bay Area, USA
    why not the D700? it is perfect for mommies
  3. PeterRH

    PeterRH Guest

    Hi Sonya,

    I looked at your galleries and it does not look like you need an updated D3 which will either be a 24mp+ camera in that body or in a D700 body.

    Looks much more like you would benefit from a D300/D700 for children sessions - particularly the D700 which has the D3 high ISO range and would make it easier to get candids without flash (and not be so noticeable as you would be with a bigger D3 body).

    That would give you some money to keep by until you shoot FX for a while to see what other glass might be released/what you might need (though you have some good glass for an FX body already).

    I shoot a lot of kids sessions so going through a similar process - a D3x might be great for many applications but this isn't one of them.

    The D700 would be my choice in your position.
  4. Tosh


    May 6, 2005
    D700 and either 24-70 or 28-70.
    There's a fair chance that the AF speed on the D700 will be more akin to the D300 than the D3, but upgrading to the AF-S midrange zoom should help make up the difference.
    And the D300 AF speed is fairly snappy as it is.

    Keep an eye on the new Sigma 50 1.4.
    If it looks good, perhaps sell your Sigma 30 1.4 and 50 1.8 and replace them with the Sigma 50 1.4.
    Use the 50 1.4 on the differing format bodies to mirror your current perspectives.

    You're in an enviable position with equipment options and finances, so enjoy it and don't rush into anything.
  5. Forget the D3, the D700 make more sense.

    Then sell off the D80 and your two starter DX lenses. Your Tamron isn't a great lens, but it also isn't a terrible lens and being a 2.8 and FX lens you can wait on that.

    I'd go wide with the 17-35 and long with 70-200. Match these with a DX/FX combo you get 17 as really wide on the FX and 200 gives you reach on the DX.

    You should be able to cover these with the $5K and the $ from the sale of the other stuff.
  6. LindaZ


    Jul 29, 2007
    Wilmington, NC
    The D700 and switch out that Tamron to a Nikkor 24-70 or 28-70 :wink: <---- The AF-S on that last one is incredible. Sharp and smooth lens, you'll love it Sonya.
  7. Sonya, My first question before I go into glass would be if you got the D700 would you want the grip. Be sure to compare the current D3 price to the price of rigging a D700 how you would see yourself shooting when you had it just as you want it (grip, enel4, charger) if those are thing you would use.

    If you plan to take the grip from the D300 and use and stick with enel3 batteries then thats good.

    I would get rid of the Tamron, the 18-55 and the D80 and look for a 28-70 to use on the FX camera. When I got some more money saved up the 55-200 would go next, yielding to a 70-200 vr. You may even want to get a 180mm 2.8 and get rid of the 55-200 sooner. The extra reach on such good glass will let you be less intrusive when shooting those little ones. Theat should allow the to show more of thier natural personalities more during the shoot.

    I also just scrolled back up and saw the Tamron 90mm macro. I dont frequent the macro/flowers forum so I dont know how much you use it. If you dont, let it go. I se the 85mm 1.4 in red. I am assuming that is either on your list or already on its way. Get it.

    Keep us posted as to what you are thinking.
  8. I agree, but I'm not JUST a mommy with a camera. My business income is what has given me this equipment money. I use my gear for shooting my kids, but just as often I use a little coolpix. I'm just of the mindset that I should have the best gear for my JOB that I can afford. I'm considering the D700, but since I'm also getting a battery grip, it may make more sense to get a D3 used in a few months.

    Thank you, that's what I was considering as well. I would get a second grip, as I love the portrait shutter release....

    I'm in no rush, I won't by anything for a couple of months. Thanks for giving your opinion. :) 

    I like my Tamron, but I have considered upgrading to a Nikkor in that range.... I've also considered a 17-35 or a 14-24, but I don't shoot wide that often unless I use the fisheye, and that's for the fisheye effect. I have also at a couple different times considered the 70-200, but I'm am TERRIBLY afraid of dead battery syndrome that seems to follow that lens around. I would hate to spend that kind of money on glass only for it to cause me a headache.

    I'm considering it. Thanks Linda. :tongue:

    I would absolutely get a second grip for the D700, but price is definitely a consideration to make when combining the two. I may be better off getting a used D3 this fall.
    Again, I'm fearful of the 70-200. Too much money to spend for the chance it will give me trouble down the line, or as I read yesterday, right out of the box... :(  I agree about the lenses to get rid of. I will sell the kit lenses along with the D80 since that was how I bought it all originally. The 85 is in red, because out of all my toys, it's my favorite. I also love my macro lens. I don't shoot macro often, but I'm keeping that one around for when I'm in the mood to. It wasn't an expensive purchase, so I don't feel the need to ditch it since I will use it on occasion. The 180 is a nice lens I may consider....I got to shoot with Uncle Frank's at out get together last month. It may be a good compromise lens since I can't seem to *like* the idea of a 70-200.

    Also, I do wear 2 bodies around my neck when at an outdoor session. I keep my fisheye on one, and the 85 on another in most circumstances. I realize the weight will be an issue regardless, and don't think the 70-200 fits me in that regard either.
  9. yamo


    Jun 28, 2007
    Santa Cruz, CA

    Greetings. Just a couple of thoughts... D700 (guessing from your current kit) seems like a better fit. Since (from what I've seen of your photos) you use lighting (and know what to do with it) the speed of the D3 is less of a feature (the rat-a-tat spray and pray doesn't work with flash :wink: though I find it works well for those quick moving kids! ) Plus the D700 would leave some money for glass.

    24-70 - a wow lens, for that whole range
    70 - 300VR - I don't have this lens, but seems (from what I've read) to be a good match for you, that's not been mentioned. You will want the reach eventually... distance is a good thing for catching those candids (at least from my experience with my 9 year old daughter growing up...). And then there are those performances (choir, ballet, plays, sports, etc.).

    Just some thoughts... It will all be great fun, in any case.


  10. I love these threads. I really enjoy sitting back and watching other people spend money!

    Tough to make decisions about a camera that none of us have seen yet. The D700 looks great on paper, but it won't be a D3.

    I remember getting a D200 as a backup for my D2Xs. Seemed like a good idea at the time until I started using it and realized how much better I liked the D2Xs. My D200 rarely gets picked up these days.

    Have you ever shot with a D3?
  11. Triggaaar


    Jun 15, 2008
    What is it about the D2X that you like over the D200? Will that apply to the D3 over the D700 and if so, will it be relevant to Sonya?
  12. Thanks for your thoughts! I actually have the D3 kit with 70-300 VR bookmarked on my husband's computer, just in case he needs gift ideas. ;)  Like you said, I don't need a long reach lens right now, but might later. Sophie is a dancer after all. :) 

    I have not ever shot with a D3, but like I said, I love the feel of my D300 with the grip. I would definitely be getting a second grip if I decide to get the D700. I won't be spending for a few months, so I have time to go play at the local camera shops to see what feels best to me.

    Good question! I'd like to know too!
  13. I want Sonya to have the best tools possible for her budding photography career. I suspect if she shoots with a D3, she will not want to drop down to a D700.

    While I cannot express why I so prefer my D2X over my D200, it has something to do with the feel and the build quality of the pro body. The AF and metering is also superior. I just don't want her to find herself disappointed with a prosumer body.
  14. Thank you Mitch. I'll be sure to handle both before I decide. Anyone around here from Kansas City with a favorite camera shop? I'm currently on the road moving from Monterey and might need some insider tips for the area.....

    I should be settled in and ready to window shop in a couple weeks.
  15. Pixelographer


    Dec 22, 2006
    agree with glenn / tosh - - - d700 plus 24- or 28-70
    good luck!
  16. Nuteshack

    Nuteshack Guest

    u gotta be kiddin Mitch ..a prosumer body? thicker alloy and better weather sealing than the 300...the gizmo isa little tank, a mini d3...anyway:cool: 

    Sonya ...get em both in your hands and go from there (follow your peace). as far as glass goes -> the 28-70. imho, it renders skin better than any other zoom out there. surely add the 50 1.4 and keep your eye out fora deal on an old minty 80-200 2.8 push/pull..can't wait to see your images from one of these:Love:
  17. Seneca


    Dec 4, 2006
    Ok this is what I would do. Buy some fairy dress...sizings 1-6...and a fairy background and take little girl images. I have a dear friend who lives in FL and this is what he and his wife do...they do very well with this type of photography.

    Ok this is not for everyone...but I am thinking of doing this. Gotta research it a little more.

    Altho a second camera is wonderful to have. My Nikon is my first camera and then my Canon is secondary.
  18. Thank you for taking time to give your opinion, I'm appreciating everyone's point of view.

    You know, I've been stalking the for sale forum for a nice beast to buy for a while.....and not a single one to be found....:frown: No real temptation without one sitting there for me.....and besides, until I get a new address I can't buy one anyway. BUT if anyone reading this wants to part with one in a couple weeks I am interested!

    Does anyone know if the 80-200 has the same issues as the 70-200? I'm a real fraidy cat with all the DBS reports, old and new.

    I will always have 2 camera bodies, the reason I kept the D80. I just want them both to perform at high ISO's since I often need it. Fairy wings are not my photography style....glad someone is doing well with it though. I prefer candids/on-location/in an interactive environment. I WILL do studio stuff when asked, it's just not my comfort zone.
  19. LDB415


    Apr 26, 2008
    With that much money at stake I'd sit down and make a list of things I'd like to have and then number it from 1 to whatever in the order I'd most like to have them. Then I'd put it away for 48 hours. At that point I'd go over it again and see if the ranking changed. Another 48 hours and another review. Put it away again for another 24-48 hours and after that week of thought and review then start buying. Maybe it never happens to you but I find that when there's a limit on what I can get I often change my mind after a few days compared to my initial thought. Good luck.
  20. Nute, I hope you are right about the D700. The specs certainly look good, but until I get one in my hands I'm not going to pass judgement. I'm certainly looking for a D700 to use for my portraits. I'll keep my D2Xs with it's DX sensor for my birding and sports. This could be a match made in heaven!!:Love:
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