Spending time with the grandkids

We took Jaden to the zoo on Saturday. Every child loves to drink out of the lions head drinking fountain.

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We also got to spend some time with little Harlee. She is three months old now. Does this photo of her look too dark? I got it printed at Sam's club and it turned out really dark. I hope it was them and not me as it looks good to me on my monitor.

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Nice shots Terri.

Oddly enough, I had some photos printed on Friday for the first time at Sam's Club and they were all darker than what I'm used to. I have always used Smugmug but I needed them the same day and thought I would give them a try. They look ok, but no where near the quality of print I'm used to receiving from Smugmug.
These are great images. You are a great cool grandmother to have.

I tried to take some matte prints from Costco recently and got darker photos. May be I need to download the printer profile offered by Costco. Just check whether Sam's offer printer profiles...
These are great Terri. Looks like Jaden worked hard for that drink. I remember drinking out of that fountain (or one just like it) when I was a kid.

Beautiful shot of Harlee as well.
Nice images Terri. Funny idea that fountain. Such fountaines aren't popular here in Europe so I didn't even thought of putting it into a lion's head. :smile:

The last picture is a very nice portrait. It has just the brightness level I would expect for a face directed to the shade, I think its brightness is fully ok.
Great captures, Terri. Your grandchildren are so lucky to have such a good photographer as a grandmother to capture all these sweet moments.

I like how you froze the water in #1 and 2. And Harlee is soooo cute! Nicely done too. The brightness level looks ok in my screen.
They are too cute Terri!! I would love to drink out of a lion head fountain, too :biggrin: Very nice candid shots!

I wanted to come back and make a comment about the Sam's Club printing issue. The same prints I told you about in the first comment above... I sent to smugmug and had them fedex'd for reference. The prints I received yesterday were hands down, worlds apart from the exact same prints I got from Sams. They were much brighter and the colors were more accurate (looked just like they did on my calibrated monitor).

Needless to say I wont be using Sams for printing anymore... :wink:
Great shots! I think the first one is my favorite but it's a tough call. I've got three granddaughters and it's a ton of fun to capture them on outings.

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