I was playing around last night and used Chema Madoz for some inspiration. There is no photohop involved here with the shadow. Just clever lighting. Can you figure out how it's done?

Nikon D3, F/40 @ 1/250, 105mm Macro, 3 speedlights, SU-800, Radio Poppers
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OK... My guess is that there are 2 spoons together (one on each other) sitting on a opaque sheet and a fork underneath the sheet with a speed light shooting from below it casting a shadow of the fork onto the opaque sheet and reflection onto the bottom of the spoon head as well...

But an interesting shot and well done....
Good guess. That's basically it except there is only one spoon and the fork underneath. I used clear plexiglass with the fork taped underneath and then paper and the spoon on top. A flash below cast the fork shadow on the paper an then the spoon was lit from above with an umbrella.