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Sports Forum Challenge #29: "Good Sportsmanship"

Discussion in 'Sports Photography' started by Voyager1968, Jul 28, 2008.

  1. All too often in this day in age all we tend to think about is ourselves. It is becoming more of a "me" world every day. This trait of course happens in the sports world as well. What I'd like to see is that rare moment when the player thinks not only of himself, but others as well. Particularly those of the opposing team. Since this is not something we look for as we're shooting, I'm allowing participants to use their archives as well as any taken during the challenge week itself.

    This week's challenge is "Good Sportsmanship". Start posting your captures showing that moment when a member of one team congratulates or helps an opposing team's player or players!

    As always, here’s how the Sports Forum Challenge works….

    Each week we will have a theme to which everyone who chooses to participate must submit a photo(s). If someone opts to post more than one image, the first image is your official entry.

    Each winner will have the opportunity then to select the new challenge and pick the winner for their challenge.

    You have till Sunday to enter your photo at which point (Sunday night of each week) we can pick a winner.

    Here's an example of what kind of shot I am looking for...

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  2. Hopefully this one bears some fruit. It was tough coming up with a theme. I had a couple other ideas, but when I looked through all the past challenges, they were already done.
  3. McQ

    McQ Just your average, everyday moderator. Moderator

    Good challenge! This one could bring out some really awesome moments.
  4. Geez, I hope I didn't make this too difficult. If I did, I apologize.
  5. Rats!! Last night I missed a photo op that would have been perfect here. Our team was swept in a three game series and as I was packing up my camera, I saw our manager go over to the manager and another coach from the opposing team and give them a handshake followed by a quick hug (indicating a previous friendship).
  6. Dave


    Feb 7, 2007
    Suwanee, GA
    It'll be ok Steve...I just haven't had the chance to shoot anything and I haven't found anything like this in my archives yet...
  7. Not sure if this one counts. . . ?

    Race winner Michael Rutter sharing a drop of the bubbly stuff with the fans. . .

  8. Jewson - That is still one of my all-time faves and I think it fits perfectly.
  9. JMartin

    JMartin Guest

    That is a great shot, Jewson!

    Thank you for sharing.
  10. McQ

    McQ Just your average, everyday moderator. Moderator

    No apology necessary. It is a great challenge. It is a very "challenging" challenge, and that's a good thing. I hope I can get something worth entering. Sportsmanship is what we need to see more of anyway!
  11. Three Cheers for the other team, before the post game hand shakes.

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  12. This may look like a simple celebration of a win, but it is a whole lot more. Take note of the catcher in the bottom left corner having a conversation with the umpire

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    I missed the best picture of this good sportsmanship by mere seconds, but it was an intriguing subplot throughout the whole game. Early in the game, the catcher disagreed with umpire on a third strike call (that umpire had an interesting strike zone throughout the six games we were "blessed" to have him, but that is besides the point) and had said something to the umpire before heading back to the dugout. An inning or so later, the catcher had warmed up the pitcher and was waiting for the batter to arrive at the plate and the umpire to brush off the plate. Apparently the umpire felt some moisture because he looked up and accused the catcher of spitting on him. The catcher assurred him that he would never even begin to think of doing something like that, and the two had a few words. The game continued.

    As the Whitecaps headed out to celebrate their victory, the catcher went out of his way to meet up with the umpire, share a few words (of a peaceful variety) and the two shook hands before the umpires disappeared into the dugout.

    I would imagine that most people were totally unaware of what was going on, but I saw the handshake at the end of the game (when it did not matter any longer) and appreciated the fact that the catcher cared enough to make sure that things were peaceful between the two.
  13. John-O


    Jul 26, 2008
    Carson, CA, USA
    Congratulatory hand shakes are always good.
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    D200; 70-200mm f/2.8 w/ tc-20e
    1/800sec.; f/5.6; ISO 250
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  14. And the winner is!

    ToToPhotos "Three cheeres for the other team."

    This weeks challenge, "Good Sportsmanship" was either too difficult or too lame. Good luck with this week's theme ToTo! And congrats on your entry.

  15. Well, congrats to you 'ToTo'....
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