Sports Forum Challenge #80 - THE CATCH *** WINNER CHOSEN ... FINALLY ***

Sep 10, 2008
Toronto, CANADA
Sports Forum Challenge #80 - THE CATCH *** WINNER SELECTED SEE LAST POST ***

Each week we will have a theme to which everyone who chooses to participate must submit a photo. Each winner will have the opportunity to then select the new challenge and pick the winner for their challenge. You have till Sunday to enter your photo at which point (Sunday night of each week) we can pick a winner.

The first picture posted in your post will be your entry. You can post more than one picture, but only one can be submitted for the challenge.

Previous Themes:

01: Getting the Shot; 02: Intensity; 03: Dive; 04: Sports or Activities Involving Animals; 05: Best Sportrait; 06: Jubilation; 07: The Eyes Have It; 08: Defense; 09: Getting Their Licks In; 10: In the Dirt; 11: Spectator Involvement; 12: Agony of Defeat; 13: Oops; 14: Score; 15: Official Participation; 16: Feeling the Heat; 17: Going Solo; 18: Olympic Grace; 19: Implied Motion; 20: Concentration; 21: I’m Bored; 22: Coach; 23: Obscure Sports; 24: Mismatch; 25: Coaching'M Up; 26: Consolation; 27: Let's Face It; 28: Let's NOT Face It; 29: Good Sportsmanship; 30: Point of Impact; 31: No Balls; 32: Unattached; 33: Emotion; 35: Post Production; 36: Your Best; 37: Evil, Wicked, Mean & Nasty; 38: In The Dirt; 39: Almost; 40: Teamwork; 41(a): Airborne; 41(b): Wheels; 42: Did Not Happen; 43: Away from The Action; 44: Tools of their Trade; 45: Airborne; 46: Skill; 47: The Elements; 48: Water Sports; 49: After the Fact; 50: Gestures; 51: Sportraits; 52: Struggle; 53: Panning; 54: Turns, Transitions, Changes In Direction; 55: Wide Angle Perspective; 56: Super Telephoto; 57: The Thrill of Victory 58: Black & White; 59: Favorite Other Than Sports; 60: Slow Shutter Speed; 61: Girls of Summer; 62: Behind the Scenes; 63: High/Low; 64: Field Sports; 65: The Indoors; 66: Freezing the Action; 67: The Joy of the Game; 68: Crash Course; 69: Things That Shouldn't Happen; 70: Looking for Help; 71: It's all about the Team!; 72: Where it all begins!; 73: Past It 74 : unusual Perspectives; 75: Framing; 76: Forceful Expressions During Action; 77:Selective focus; 78: The Invisibles; 79: Something Different; 80: The Catch

This week's Challenge... I wanna see photos of "The Catch".

(No, they don't have to be of Joe Montana hitting Dwight Clark in the end zone, or Willie Mays in center field, whichever stands out for you as "the Catch" in sports history)

I want to see your best shots - perfectly timed - of the catch. The ball, the puck, the frisbee, the whatever. I have seen so many fantastic dives for the ball, jumps, glove saves, and so on around here that I'd like to compile a great library of them in one thread. Show me your best. Heck, if it's an incredible effort in a flat-out dive or leap that still has the ball in the frame, I'll go for that too. Let's try to get 100% forum participation in this one.

Me? Well, I can't say I'd ever win this challenge, but here's a few to get the ball rolling anyway...

Well, best I could do on short notice here anyway... let's see the better examples now!! Good luck everybody.
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Feb 7, 2007
Suwanee, GA
I have quite a few of's my entry though. (I've deleted some of mine and just left my entry.

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Jun 1, 2005
Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
I'll Play

Great challenge! Here's a sequence from this past weekend at a tournament Graeme played in (for another team in our league) in South Bend, Indiana:

1. Going for it.....

2. Snagged, but is it a catch?

3. Catch!

And one from last year.....

The first three are all TTF (on an oblique angle, hence the bit of haziness, but better to get the shot than not).
Aug 26, 2008
Glen, yours is cheating:wink:.

Here is mine. The first one is the main entry and a few more for fun. These could be cropped tighter, but I just pulled from my website so they are cropped for printing.


2. Not as easy to see by the just the picture, but this was a pretty amazing catch by a second baseman making a long run into right-center and pulled off a basket catch over his shoulder.


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