Sports Forum Challenge #80 - THE CATCH *** WINNER CHOSEN ... FINALLY ***

Sep 10, 2008
Toronto, CANADA
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I owe everyone an apology for the delay... I've had serious computer issues since Sunday, and could only log in at work (where I can't see the pics... not good for the challenge I realize...)

So here goes, without further a-dooooo...

First off, what an outstanding set of images to sort through... I am really not sure I can do any justice to this great lot in picking one single winner, but I'll give 'er a go.

Russell... what an amazing shot, incredible tight, amazing IQ.
Dave... again nice tight shot, and great action... does he actually make the catch? Well done...
Tony... if that kid is in the NHL someday it's because of incredible reflexes... and reflexes like yours in catching such a great shot.
FDNY... I CALL TRAP!! :wink: Great capture.
Mark... WOW. That is one fantastic series, and a great job corralling the ball too.
Joey... love the concentration there... and the composition with the ball in the frame, not easy... well done.
Glen... this really might be cheating! But dang, what IQ and one stellar sportrait!
Randy... not sure how you picked one out of these four, all are great... amazing extension on that player though... and tack sharp.
Brooks... That kid has got some hops! Wicked composition too... although I'm sure you woulda loved to get the face in it, it's still fantastic.
Jim... The essence of youth sport right there... great shot.
James... you know, I never thought I'd get a soccer entry, since "catches" in soccer - especially mid-air with great expression - are pretty rare. Good submission!
John... That right there is what you call effort... great extension and determination.
Dennis... great IQ and good freeze on the play too.
Adrian... HOLY HOPS. Fantastic entry.
Steve-O... disqualified for entering a Dead Things image. (Even if it is a great one... :wink: )
Andrew... so does he actually catch the ball? Throw from left field I'm assuming? Very interesting, and love the tight crop for that reason.
Steve... Amazing catch if that kid actually hauls it in... Willie Mays reincarnated.
Asterix... wow, terrific expression there. Does he get clocked after catching that one?
Tim... I gotta be honest... that #1 and #1A thing has me confused which is your entry... more in a sec...
Fred... you're LATE! (but how can I not accept this one at this point, since I too am more than a little late...)

So after all these STELLAR images, I gotta pick one huh?

Sigh... okay, here's my thinking for the final three, and no doubt it's gonna be highly debatable since I don't think there was a weak entry in the whole lot!

TIM... LOVE #1 - the baseball shot (as opposed to #1A). That there is a shot I've strived for in youth sports for a LONG time and don't think I've ever been able to pull it off. The timing is extraordinary and amazing how you managed to get such a perfect angle of it. Yeah, the ball isn't in the frame. This is one amazing shot. And the EXPRESSION! Priceless.

ADRIAN... Just a super football shot. Even got the face for the most part, and what a leap and frozen action. IQ is excellent too, really an outstanding receiver shot right there.

RANDY... The sheer extension on this player is unbelievable. Really an amazing capture. Still having trouble believing he pulls that in, but regardless what an outstanding shot.

Man, I wanna include Fred's and Tony's and Glen's and Brooks' and... and...

OKAY, I'm gonna go with Tim's shot here. Apologies to so many great entries, but it's the one that at the end of going through all these great shots so many times, it's the one that just stands out for me. What an incredible capture.

Thanks to all for the entries, and MY SINCERE APOLOGIES for screwing up the deadline. Maybe we can extend the next challenge to a 11-day challenge to get more time in? Either that or put me on the firing line...

Congrats TIM !!!
Feb 12, 2009
St Louis MO
Andrew... so does he actually catch the ball? Throw from left field I'm assuming? Very interesting, and love the tight crop for that reason.
to answer

It was a first base pick try, he was called safe. the crop is so tight because i had my 300mm lens and was only about 20-25 feet from first

Grats to Tim:biggrin:
Dec 4, 2007
troy, mi
Wow! How'd that happen? Way to many great shots....

1A was a blantant suck up... :wink:
Oct 7, 2006
Ann Arbor, MI
Wow! How'd that happen? Way to many great shots....

1A was a blantant suck up... :wink:
HA! Couldn't happen to a nicer guy, even if he is a blatant suck up!!! :wink: Uh, you did say YOU were the blatant suck up right, not the picture because it's way to nice an image to call it names. :tongue:

DJ, you're now off my Christmas card list! HA, dead things indeed. :rolleyes:
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