Spotted Jewelweed

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    Keep an eye out for this plant. You will find it growing in many places where poison ivy is also found. The sap will eliminate the itch if you are sensitive to poison ivy. The sap also will reduce itching from many other rashes including that caused by athlete's foot fungus.
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    Interesting. Poison ivy is one of my major crops:eek::biggrin:, but I've never noticed jewelweed. Found some additional info here.
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    Bob - i do not have a hypersentivity to poison ivy, but the peopel I take into the woods may. So I just harvest the stems before i go, pack them in sawdust and they will keep their potency for two weeks or more. As the reference you linked mentions, not a good idea to take internally. Like so many herbals the concentration of active ingredients is very tough to control. That's why we like to use it fresh if we can.

  4. interesting information and nice image.
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