Spotted Touch-me-not

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    AKA Spotted Jewelweed - this is a medicinal plant with well documented antifungal activity. My ancestors used it to treat a variety of rashes as well. Today when someone tells me they have a poison ivy rash, I give them a few stems to "milk" and apply - the itch is gone as is the rash shortly thereafter. The same liquid from the stem is one of the best treatments for foot fungus.

    I have posted pictures of this plant before, but this one is special in that it was taken with my 28-70mm f/2.8. I had planed a macro shot since the plant is in full bloom around the pond, but forgot to change the lens. I do not use this lens enough but when I do I think the IQ speaks for itself.

    The hummingbirds love this plant.

  2. Very nice pic . I also love the Jewel weed as the textures and colors are so distinct
  3. pretty image
    thanks for sharing it with us