Spring Down Under

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  1. 1 September is our first day of spring, so thought I would post a few. Had a wander arround our Botanic Gardens yesterday and am enjoying my new 50/1.8D lens. Will post some more as I get time to process them. Enjoy!



  2. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    As the seasons change around the world. We will be going to winter very soon.
    The 50 mm, good all around lens, should be in every bag. Love mine. To bad I don't use it often. In fact I don't shoot that often. To bad...Darn. Going out this morning for awhile until it gets to hot. Will have the 400mm on though. lol

    I love the color of the flowers and the images are all very nice.
  3. Lovely colors on the last two! I'm never patient enough for flora; I always seem to get the DOF wrong.

  4. Very well done pictures, especially the last one with great control on DOF. Lovely violet color!!!!.

    BTW, don't be hasty to end our north hemisphere's summer. :smile:
  5. Hi Phil, I did a Google Earth to Wellington, New Zealand and mad your a half a world away from me! I love photo 2 and 3.

  6. Phil your captures here are excellent. Love the color, DOF and sharpness. Good series.
  7. The detail on that first shot is great. I have often wondered if the 50 mm gets enough credit for sharpness.
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